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New logo of hindustan unilever

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Old unilever logo
Certainly i am late for this post, considering that the new logo for unilever was unveiled in 2004. Ofcourse every company needs to focus on their logo but i find the new logo very pathetic. The design team involved have surely missed the purpose. The older logo kind of symbolised stability and robustness. With the new strategy Unilever logo will be given more visibility on product packages and you might have noticed in the TV commericials a new slate of logo is shown towards the end of each unilever commerical. Evidently they have changed the logo’s world wide. . Surely the strategy to highlight the logo is a good one, i am sure its gonna do wonders for its brand value. The older Hindustan lever logo was changed which had got inscribed in my mind for a long time.

This hindustan lever logo i can say is one of the best designed logo’s. Its simple, stable, aesthetically designed. The dark green color and the letters HLL designed into the leaf is certainly a great design. It portrayed stability, growth and spread. Though the main unilever logo was not as good but i really liked this logo of Hindustan Lever. But now its dead. A great logo sacrificed. But it will never be erased from my memories.

The first time i saw this logo was at the end of a tv commercial and my first expression was “how childish”. The logo actually seems to be very childish, particularly the font used for Unilever. Who ever selected this logo certainly doesnt have any design sense. The logo is childish, cluttered, fancy and over designed. A clooser look at the U shows a number of things designed into it, a cracker bursting, a bee, butterfly, some thing like a hand or fork, a palm tree, flowers, leaves, spiral or may be a shell, food items, water, snow flake, clothes, heart shape, a bird, lips, ice cream cone, a logo of recycling. This things relates in one way or other to most of the product categories that they are involved in. And the U symbolises ‘You”, may be it means to convey that its all for you (its customers). Though all this micro designs have been included in the main logo but still on a whole the logo looks terrible. May be after looking at it for a lot many times my eyes may get used to it.

Though the new logo for Unilever is better than the earlier verson, but the logo for hindustan lever was much better than the new logo.


Written by maya

March 25, 2008 at 2:20 pm

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  1. Ya, it is really good logo. I appreciate for sharing it with us. Hope you keep updating it frequently!

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