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Animal welfare board against vodafone

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After the onslaught by health minister ramadoss against the use of smoking and drinking scenes in the films, some other cynics are targetting the vodafone ad for treating the dog badly in their ad campaign. The peta and animal welfare activist just want to be in news, last time it was with the using of horse in amir khan’s rang de basanti. when i saw the film i realised there was just a single shot lasting just some seconds featuring amir khan riding a horse how is the animal treated badly in this. I am an animal lover too but these people are crossing the limit for just getting some cheap publicity. They certainly dont know the ground realities, animals are treated much badly in their neighbourhoods then they dont seem to have any problem but if they are shown in film they have all sort of problem. These kind of people are just hypocrates.
And health minister ramadoss is after the film industry when millions of people in the country are not able to avail basic medical amenities. He should better concentrate on the real issues than just aiming some pointless targets.


Written by maya

May 5, 2008 at 1:08 pm

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