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Its is more and more validated that higher courts in India are excellent in judgement and have been giving rational judgements over the years leaving besides one or two instances. The court has quashed 3 of the cases against MF hussain labelling them as baseless.

Court said tolerance is vital in such a complex society as India. It said that nudity and eroticism has always been part of indian art and culture and the painting done by hussain is not obscene, the court labelled the complainants as ignorant puritans who are threatening to take the nation back to renaisance age.

Yesterday supreme court has also ruled in favour of venugopal director of AIIMS, why doesnt the film industry file a PIL against Ramadoss on the charges of
killing the creative liberties of the film medium.

Quote : To speak of morals in art is to speak of legislature in sex. Art is the sex of the imagination. – george jean nathan


Written by maya

May 10, 2008 at 6:01 pm

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