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YOUTUBE. Made in India.

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Well i know youtube has always been used in india but now the indian youtube with a new domain will feature contents uploaded from india or can say the contents that are being watched by the indians. It will have more india related content. you can see the site at http://www.youtube.in . youtube has also tiedup with many indian media houses to source their contents like utv, rajshree productions, india tv and many others.
This development emphasizes on the growing importance of india in the online world. youtube has proved to be very revolutionary in the western countries with millions of users sharing their selfmade videos. it has been widely used for social causes by large number of ngo’s and common people. But these things had not realy caught up in india due to fewer numbers of video capturing devices, but the increasing number of camera phones in the country can spark this up. The main problem still is of non penetration of broadband services which would be most probably be taken care of when 3g service starts in india, with 3g services the services can reach to all the people who have a 3g enabled phone whereas the broadband thru wirelines cannot reach in smaller towns and rural areas. And having an india specific site by youtube will certainly bring the youtube culture in india in a big way.

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Written by maya

May 10, 2008 at 12:08 pm

Posted in current affairs

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