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Recently a romanian man filed a case against the standards agency after he got drunk by drinking a single bottle of beer. he got so heavily drunk that he passed out. he said he has good capacity of alcohol and he had never got drunk in this manner even after taking huge quantity of hard drinks.
This actualy reminds me of an incident that took place some years back. me and my friend went to my friend’s relative,s place, his jija had arranged for beer for us. as his jija was in ahmedabad and alcohol is prohibited there. so there was this place where they used to serve liquor secretly and we went there. as we were also from gujarat where liquor is prohibited we generally dont drink beer as to buy it illegaly proved to be too costly, so basically we used to just drink beer once or twice a year, on the other hand we were used to drink whiskey quiet often mostly daily. and i had a good capacity i never got drunk even after drinking considerable quantity of whisky. but that day the beer had its own plan i just drink 2 bottles of haywards 5000 and i got so heavily drunk that i couldnt stand on my legs. mentally i was ok but my legs failed no matter how hard i tried i cudnt stand on my legs, my legs cudnt balance my body. that was a really weird situation. my friend was amazed, he knew i had the capacity i generally can drink 4 to 5 bottles of beer and it wouldnt have a bit of effect on me but tht day i was surprised of my self. like a pucca darudia they dragged me to jija’s house. i felt so ashamed. after that thou i had drank beer several times and in higher quantity nothing really happend but still i had the fear deep in my heart tht anything similar cud happen. till date i never drink beer when i am alone.


Written by maya

May 21, 2008 at 2:25 pm

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