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ajay devgan speaks against ramadoss

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recently ajay devgan spoke against ramadoss against the ban of smoking in films. ajay said suppose a film was to be made about churchill, so instead of showing him smoking cigar should he be shown sucking a lollypop. i guess similar remarks have to be made against ramadoss by other celebrities too.
i dont understand his logic does he mean to say if they show killing and raping in films all youngsters will start doing tht. does he consider people to be that stupid.
ramadoss defends by saying that un’s statistic prove tht films can influence smoking in youngster.
The thing about statistics is tht you can prove anything with statistics, anything but the truth. who ever said this is absolutely right.
To make it more stupid ramadoss is against saif ali khan most people will think whats saif doing wrong. Ramadoss says saif is promoting snack food which is injurious to health. Wow! Ramadoss is too much. I can say ramadoss wants a role in films thts why to get attention he is doing this stupid things. Afterall he is a doctor, are doctors so stupid these days.


Written by maya

May 21, 2008 at 3:08 pm

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