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A terrible idea to the CEO by an employee

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Bangalore, India – Shantanu Saha, an employee of a small software company based in Bangalore recently took a chance during a company brainstorming session, and failed miserably. When the CEO asked for fresh ideas to boost business, an emboldened Saha stood up and pitched the following disaster idea: “OK, we can let everyone be a private investigator for a day, and give them dark glasses and walky-talkies like real detectives!”
When pressed for more details, the now sheepish Shantanu revealed that he had no more, and he had just thought of the idea because his wife was into detective serials on TV. The CEO’s response was a simple ‘what the hell are you talking about?’ before the entire room erupted into laughter, and the ridicule began. Antagonizing calls such as ‘Is that what they teach you at IIT?” and “What are you – Drunk?” could be heard through fits of laughter, thigh slapping, and pointing at the despondent employee.
In response, Saha returned to his desk and smugly drowned his sorrows in his afternoon chai, full well knowing that it might be the last one he could afford, since he would surely be fired the next day. A coworker also heard him getting angry at his wife –apparently because his wife had suggested the idea in the first place. From listening to the one-sided conversation, it was obvious that the wife was still passionate about the idea, and blamed Shantanu for not having the skill to win friends and influence people with his ideas.
source : career pigeon


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May 30, 2008 at 1:10 pm

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