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Cheap branding of Airtel’s Digital Tv

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Airtel recently launched its DTH service with a big marketing campaign with lots of celebrities, it is a really well done campaign. If you have noticed the initial campaign including those red sofa’s has a striking similarity between the bigTV campaign which also shows those red sofa’s, initially i was confused between if it was an airtel or bigTV campaign, that might be just a co-incidence. But airtel really scored over BIG Tv with their new campaigns with all those celebrities.
The reason for this post is not the campaign but the branding as a whole, I dont understand why would anyone use a name such as “Digital Tv” its just such a common name, thou it is understandable that the word digital has quiet a fixation with the indian audience which goes ga ga over everything that has the word “digital” attached to it, but thats a temporary phenomena. Digital tv is a name our cable operator uses for his personal channel, it sounds so cheap, and if you have noticed the logo its just so childish. The font used for the logo its more similar to a type writer font rather than a digital font. On the whole my personal verdict is that the branding in terms of logo and packaging is all crap which even a child can do in a better way.
Some may argue that Dish Tv can also sounds similar to local cable operators but the case with Dish Tv was quiet different. It was the first DTH service so the name Dish Tv gave an idea to the people that it is directly related to the Satellite. Thou with time name doesn’t matter if the product picks up, no matter what the name of the product if the product is successful it morphs the meaning of the name.
Future group is also coming up with its TV channels and DTH service in the near Future and it would be called future TV.

Written by maya

October 26, 2008 at 11:22 am

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