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Whole world is talking about this historic US Presidential election.  They say the mentality of Americans have changed towards black people and they have been accepted into the main stream and the election of Obama is a proof to that. Well there are some fundamental questions that goes against this argument. Is Obama black? thou he claims himself to be black but the fact that he is of mixed parentage cant be overlooked so he is not exactly the “First Black US president”. The fact is that racism has not ended and it wont end, thou people don’t show it on the outside but they are racist on the inside, whether its in US or its in India or anywhere in the world.  I am sure America wouldn’t have got a so called black president if obama’s personality and visual charm are taken out, he just won the elections because of his looks, he has got looks no less than Will Smith.

So what needs to be seen is when America elects a real black president rather than living in an illusion of believing that they have overcome their racism. 
This brings out a fundamental question about human nature why is there racism, why do we consider someone lesser than us or inferior to us, is white a superior color. When Europeans came to India they considered Indians as inferior, was it because of color or the way we lived or is it our looks. I think looks. When baber came to India he writes in his autobiography that the people of India are ugly. So is he racist or its just a normal function of the brain to distinguish between things that are ugly and beautiful and to have disgust towards that are ugly. Considering that largest part in a human brain is dedicated for the function of vision, its bound to be important.  Lets take this example does the general human population like a snake no, is it because they are afraid of it. Answer is no!, even if you are assured that the snake is non venomous and that its teeth has been removed still we wont like a snake or a frog or any insects. Some may argue Indians are not ugly as has been proved by success rates at international beauty events, but beautiful people consist only a fraction of our country’s population 80% of the people would easily be categorised into the ugly category. So are blacks ugly, yes they are, why do we have to shy away from the fact, i think most black people are aware that blacks are ugly, as an Indian i am aware of the same thing. Hate can be visual you can hate things that dont visually appeal to you, you have a spider, a worm, cockroach so can you have people who don’t look good. So which race is rather good looking i would say Arabs. Arabs both men and women are good looking so is it the reason that they hate rest of the world, can that be the reason for terrorism they just consider the others inferior and they cant handle the fact the rest of the world in particular America is influencing them. Certainly that’s a possibility.  
i need views of fellow readers on this

Written by maya

November 6, 2008 at 1:20 pm

2 Responses

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  1. I am an American who is so ashamed of my culture’s obsession with physical beauty and quite dissappointed to read that you seem to go along with our stupid way of “looking” at things so easily. How do we learn what is beautiful and what is not? How do we measure beauty? I don’t think there is any intrinsic quality that makes something beautiful or not, we humans assign values positive or negative to things as we learn them from our parents, culture and so on. To look at something from the outside in rather than the inside our is also a learned behavior.


    November 10, 2008 at 11:47 pm

  2. if you say that physical beauty doesnt matter then you are just fooling yourself, 99% of the time physical beauty matters, whether its a car, ur mobile, street dog or any other thing in the world. thou physical beauty seems to matter less when we know more about the thing in question, but at first its always the physical beauty that matters.


    November 16, 2008 at 8:13 am

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