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The flag is a representation of a country, and we have a stupid design for a Flag. Well our tiranga is one of the worst designed flag, of course when its designed by people who don’t have a background in design or Art that’s what happens. A Nation has to live with one of the worst flag in the world. The basic design is by a geophysicist! hell ! didn’t they find anyone with more design sense then. What a design disaster that we have to live with.  It is important that a flag should have simple design but it needn’t be this bad after all. There wasn’t any need to symbolise different religions in a flag of a secular country; it is defaultly understood that we care about all religions. The whole flag has been made into a symbol of religious harmony with no emphasize on the 3000 years of history and unfathomable diversity and unity that India really stands for. This shows the countries obsession with religions and its endless effort to be a secular country, India should be secular by nature and not by some useless effort and symbolisation. Some of the best designed flags are of UK , the US and Australia’s. Below is the history about how we ended up with this stupid design.

History of Indian flag dates back to pre independence era. It was in 1904 that first Indian flag came into being. It was made by an Irish disciple of Swami Vivekananda. Her name was Sister Nivedita and after some time this flag came to be known as Sister Nivedita’s flag. This flag contained red and yellow color. Red signified freedom struggle and yellow color was a symbol of victory. It had words “Bonde Matoram” in Bengali written on it. Along with it the flag contained a figure of ‘Vajra‘, weapon of god ‘Indra’, and a white lotus in the middle. The ‘Vajra‘ is a symbol of strength and lotus depicts purity.

After Sister Nivedita’s flag another flag was designed in 1906. It was a tricolor flag with three equal strips of blue (top), yellow ( middle) and red ( lower) colors. In this flag blue strip had eight stars of slightly different shapes. The red strip had two symbols, first one was of sun. it was near hoist and the other one was contained a star and a crescent, near the fly. The yellow strip had ‘Vande Mataram‘ written on it in Devnagiri script.

In 1906 another version of this flag came. It was also tricolor but its colors were different. It had orange, yellow and green colors and came to be known as ‘Calcutta flag’ or ‘Lotus flag’, as it had eight half opened lotuses on it. It is believed to be designed by Sachindra Prasad Bose and Sukumar Mitra. It was unfurled on 7th August 1906 at Parsi Bagan Square, Kolkata. It was a “boycott day” against the partiton of Bengal and Sir Surendranath Banerjee hoisted this flag to mark the unity of India.

It is almost similar to the flag of 1906 with the exception of colors and the flower closest to hoist. This flag had three colors, blue, yellow and red and the flower was larger than others.

Then came Madam Bhikaji Rustom Cama’s flag. The flag was collectively designed by Madam Bhikaji Cama, Veer Savarkar and Shyamji Krishna Varma. The flag was unfurled by Madam Cama on 22nd of August 1907 at Stuttgrat, Germany, and attained the status of the first Indian flag to be hoisted at the foreign land. From this event onwards it is also referred as ‘Berlin Committee flag’.

The flag comsisted of three colors- the topmost being green followed by golden saffron in the middle and the red color at the bottom. It had ‘Vande Mataram‘ inscribed on it.

In 1916 Pingali Venkayya, a writer and a geophysicst, designed a flag with the intention to bring the whole nation together. He met Mahatma Gandhi and sought his approval. Mahatma Gandhi suggested him to incorporate ‘Charkha‘ the symbole of economic regeneration of India, in the flag. Pingali made flag out of the hand spun yarn ‘Khadi‘. The flag had two colors and a ‘Charkha‘ drawn across them but Mahatma Gandhi did not approve of it as he said that in red color Hindu community finds representation and in green Muslim, but all the other communities of India are not represented in this flag.

The Home Rule League formed by Bal Ganga Dhar Tilak adopted a new flag in 1917. As at that time status of Dominion was being demanded for India. The flag had union jack at the top, near hoist. The rest of the flag contains five red and four blue strips. It had seven stars on it in the shape of ‘Saptarishi‘ Constellation which is supposed to be the sacred one for the Hindus. It also had a crescent moon and a star at the top fly end. This flag did not became popular in masses.

As Mahatma Gandhi wanted all the communities of India to be represented in the flag of tha nation, so a new flag was designed. This flag had three colors. At the top was white then green and at the bottom was red color. In this flag white symbolized minority communities of India, green was for Muslims and the red one was for Hindu and Sikh communities. The ‘Charkha‘ was drawn across all the bands symbolising the unification of these communities. The pattern of this flag was based on the flag of Ireland, another nation which was struggling to get its independence from the rule of Britain. Although Congress Committee did not adopt it as its official flag but it was widely used as a symbol of nationality in India’freedom struggle.

Some people were not at all happy with the communal interpretation of the flag. Keeping all this in view a new flag was designed which was of “Ochre” color. This color signified combined spirtit of both the religons as saffron was the color of Hindu yogis as well as Muslim darvesh. But Sikh community also demanded separate representation in flag or the complete abandonment of religious colors. This resulted in another flag by Pingali Venkayya. This new flag had three colors. Saffron was at the top followed by white in the middle and green being the lowermost. The ‘Charkha‘ was at the center of white color. This flag was passed at the meeting of Congress Committee in 1931 and was adopted as the official flag of the Committee.

When India got independence, a committee headed by Rajinder Prasad was formed to discuss the National Flag of India and they decided to adopt the flag of Indian National Congress, with suitable modifications, as the flag of India. As a result, the flag of 1931 was adopted as Indian flag but ‘Charkha‘ in the middle was replaced by ‘Chakra‘ (wheel) and hence our National Flag came into being.

all these changes and a stupid flag.

Written by maya

November 8, 2008 at 11:29 am

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  1. Hmmmmmm,ever wondered, how easy it was for us to draw the “national Flag” when we were kids? that should count for something.. :Dsimple/bad/ disastrous /ridiculous… whatever, i just cant help feeling touched and proud and oh so moved every time i see a fluttering tiranga :)PS: my name rhymes with urs, are u just “maya”? or is it a shorter version of something else?just curious…


    November 11, 2008 at 12:18 pm

  2. nice to know that you feel proud of the tiranga, but its not the feeling towards the flag but the nation that the flag represents are the reasons for your emotions. i like india / tiranga, but my comment is just about the design aspect. For a mother her child is always the best but that doesnt make the child good in general terms.actually my name is rakesh, some time back i was into this spiritual stuff and had sort of renounced material pursuits, i always used to say “sab maya hai” so my fiends started calling me maya and it became a nick name


    November 16, 2008 at 7:55 am

  3. LOL@the history of “Maya”… though i like it.and yeah, you did catch the pulse of my poems, both of them.. the “Glory” one, not completely though… may be bcz i was in a crazy state of mind when i wrote it..keep in touch.PS: interested in link exchange?have a great sunday


    November 16, 2008 at 1:27 pm

  4. hey chhaya i have added u to my bloglist. hope chhaya of your friendship remains with me.byewill be in touch


    November 18, 2008 at 3:17 pm

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