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The Boob Starer and the Boob Reader – A Boob story

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Well, you may ask wtf! is Boob reader as in the title, its just someone who reads the writing on ag girl’s t-shirt. I am someone who is habituated of reading everything, from hoardings, labels, list of contents on medicine or on the shampoo, i just cant stop reading these stuffs and so am i uncapable of stopping myself from reading whats written on t-shirts. I cant stop myself from reading and people (i mean girls especially) think i am staring at their boobs. Well there is nothing wrong in looking at boobs! but i mean for hell’s sake its india that i live in where girls like to show their boobs and they like men looking at their boobs but ofcourse they have to look at those men with disgust (dont ask why its just our culture to do so) and the girls would pseudo think “sala hawaskhor kab se mere ball dekh raha hai“. I really find it amusing how we use the word “ball” for referring to boobs, another interesting usage is boble its pronounced as bob-le (sounds nice when using in “boble dabakar doodh ki pichkari nikalne ka mann kar raha hai) this word is especially in gujarat region.  The most common lines being ” sali k ball to dekh“. Years before things seemed quiet easy, girls then didn’t used to wear t – shirts quiet often with all those things written on them.
I could recall a funny incident which happened quiet sometime back, i was at home watching tv and it happened  that a friend of my sisters along with her father dropped by for discussing about their studies, she frequently used to visit our house and every time i see her i get a hard-on, i mean she was so erotic with those big boobs (her boobs were as big as the one in pic above and seemed to be much softer and lumpy. God! never got a chance to feel them) and ass even while i am writing now the cobra in the pant is throbbing  at the thought of her(one of my hand is not at the keyboard, its now busy some where else).  
back to the story it just happened that she was wearing a tshirt and there was something written on it, due to size of her boobs the fonts had become all wavy and half of the text went below the shadow of her mount.  I was in my own world trying to figure out what was written and suddenly after a failed effort i looked up and saw she and her father were both looking at me from the corner of their eyes, i got startled at what i was doing and felt ashamed and moved my eyes towards my sister and there she was looking at me with vengeance as if she is gonna kill me for what i had done! Once they went my sister asked.
Sis : What were u doing
Me: What?
Sis : Why did u look at her like that?
Me: Like what?
Sis: Dont try to be shaana, i know where you were looking, u are so disgusting to do such a thing!
Me: I was just trying to read what was written on her tshirt.
Sis: Liar…. and on and on and on
Of course nobody is going to believe me right? So to all the girls who thinks that every pair of eyes that stare at your boobs for more than a normal time is some kind of sexual fanatic just give a second thought, he might just be trying to read your boobs.  and if its someone who has an habit of moving his lips while reading then don’t think he is fantasising nibbling on your tits.

Written by maya

November 17, 2008 at 12:25 pm

Posted in humor, personal diary

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