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Smoking towards eradication of cancer

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It would sound out of place to talk about the smoking ban after months have passed since the implementation of the ban. To come to the point there has been no effect of the ban, every one is smoking happily. But there could have been disastrous effect if the smoking band had taken place effectively. More people would have shifted to oral intake of tobacco like tobacco chewing and ghutka which are considerably more harmful than smoking. some times lack of effective implementation of certain rules has its benefits. And the thing about passive smoking is bull shit, its not as harmful as the pollution that we face everyday on the street. Passive smoking is all chutya banane ke dhande.

Coming to the title of the post, smoking is not as harmful as it is considered to be whenever they show the statistics of effects of smoking on people’s health they take into consideration not only cancer (which is to be taken as primary consideration) but all the disease which they “assume” to be correlated with smoking like heart attack, tuberculosis, or other respiratory disease. That’s all crap that could have been caused by other reasons also. Cigarette smoking is of course not as harmful as eating all that oily shit from the mcdonals and the kentucky’s.  There are more chances that lays would get you laid in the hospital bed than the smoke from the cigarette
It has been evident from reports that guthka related cancer has been increasing at an astonishing rate, and when the government with every passing bill increases the excise on cigarette not only those fucking guthka barons make loads of money but also cause considerable health hazards to fellow people who had to shift from cigarette to ghutkha because of increasing price of cigarette.  taxes on ghutka should be increased  and not on the cigarettes. Moreover the government is loosing on significant revenues due to increased taxes as large quantities of cigarettes are being imported from neighbouring Pakistan and Bangladesh which are available at the retail price of just 1rs per stick.  The import duty charged on this import are far less than the excise charged within this country to domestic players. 1500 crores flow into Bangladesh without any purpose due to this reason. At least the domestic players are generating employment.
The 7000 crore excise duty that the governmnet generates from taxing the cigarette companies should be exclusively used for research in developing safer tobacco and in cancer research, with that kind of money put to use its certain that a cancer break thru can be arrived at much earlier. So you all mighty smokers like me can just keep on smoking for the benefit of the society, so as to save not only the fellow smokers but also those non smokers on whom god shitted with his cancer curse. The taxes generated should be used for building cancer hospitals and research institutes.
Request to mr deveshwar (ITC): you should consider building cancer hospitals, or may be insure the smokers against cancer. Considering that less than 1% of smokers get cancer that shouldnt be a problem. Moreover it will generate good will for your company, you can take godfrey phillips and other companies in this endeavour. 
Keep smoking

Written by maya

December 9, 2008 at 11:02 am

Posted in my views, uncommon

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    December 9, 2008 at 8:26 pm

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