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Death by MMS

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Recently some three school girls committed suicide after they had been caught on sleazy mms video. That’s really sad. There are perils of technology but this is huge. If they had been taking dicks some 5 years back then they might not have to take this drastic step.

The main problem is black mailing, if you have these kind of videos and you tell the girl involved that you are gonna show it to every body, friends, relatives the whole school then the girl relatively doesn’t have any options left. There are some miscreants friends of mine, they also do this kind of black mailing and forceful stuff to girls but that’s quiet normal everybody does that, but there are some un spoken lines that has not to be crossed, these things are quiet common, happens everywhere. What normally happens is that you get a girl, fuck her, your friends fuck her, then friends of friends fuck here. Which makes her a big rand. Then everybody fucks till her chut tears.
Message to girls out there, don’t trust every body in the greed to get a dick in your pussy, u might end up filling all your hole if luck is not on your side. This also reminds me of the bijal case where this girl’s boy friends and his friend fucked her then let her without clothes on the road. she had to commit suicide after that. Humans can me mean at times, or most of the times. 
i have seen girls get into lot of troubles, a thousand stories. just remembering them makes me feel sick.  anyway gd day, gd luck

Written by maya

December 11, 2008 at 3:19 pm

Posted in sex

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