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The Randi Gene

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yes, That’s rite randi as in prostitute.

Quiet often referred to as the oldest living profession, why does one become a prostitute. the feminist will be up in arms with their theory that they are forced into prostitution by unlawful means because of the never ending sexual demands of the male. I do agree that to a certain extent girls might be forced into prostitution at an early age, but still there are a large number of prostitutes who are prostitutes at will. Is it just the sexual urge and the idea of making quick money easily that one takes up with prostitution, yes that could be the case but its just a fringe benefit for the thing you like to do, being a randi is just in their gene’s or may be its their talent. Its just like some people are born with the talent of singing, dancing, or painting the same way some have the talent of providing sexual pleasures. If you have a talent of singing you most probably wont become a singer, but you may still sing when ever you like, its because when you are endowed with a certain talent you are always bound to like it. Same is the case with prostitution, a randi may not become a professional prostitute but she would always like to get laid with different men, because that’s what she likes. 
Many of the singers or painters don’t purse their career in the same field owing to social, economical or other factors and they end up being accountants, IT professional or engineers but they will always enjoy doing what they have been endowed with. Same is the case with women with the randi gene/ talent they might give into social pressure and might not pursue it as a career but at the core they are randi. So might just be a possible answer to why your wife or girl friend never stops cheating on you. Its just that during the genetic distribution of talent she got the randi gene.
So this leads us to another question, can the slut/randi gene  be heridatry. One may notice that 50% of the time, an actors’s kin will have acting talent, same goes with music and every other thing. Take into consideration the bollywood film families, or ravi shanker and daugter anushka shanker. but certainly their are odds like amritya sen(economist) and daughter nanadana sen(actor). So i assume 50% would be quiet an appropriate figure.
Just to please the feminist i would add, same applies in case of men. Through observation, thou i have not been with many women still i would add in 90% of the case the women/girl who has her second toe the one after the thumb bigger than the thumb of the feet is more likely to have been endowed with the randi gene. I said 90% of the time and its a personal observation.

Written by maya

December 21, 2008 at 10:34 am

Posted in uncommon

2 Responses

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  1. everyone has a right to an opinion, especially about the oldest “trade” in the world. hope you had a great christmas :)i posted something. TC.


    December 27, 2008 at 12:47 pm

  2. i know what you mean by “incomplete”.. i feel the same. i wrote this poem in 10 minutes flat which is not a good sign. i do need to polish it and give it a closure. but the title is exactly what i am trying to express… its Cinderella that was never “meant to be”. An unfulfilled dream. a fairytale that deceives, a love that brings you out in open, makes you vulnerable and then closes the door on your face. hope it makes more sense now. 🙂


    December 27, 2008 at 1:53 pm

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