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I am a person who is found of dreams, there was a time when i used to keep a diary of dreams. The thing is that i dream a lot and i try to remember when i am hugging(shitting). ha ha, the word hug in hindi means to shit (give me a hug) thats funny.

So the post is about my dream last night, which was quiet unique, what i saw was that i and my friend R were in the group that was involved in the terrorist attack on mumbai. And i was thinking the police has framed bechaara kasab. The dream goes this way that R comes to my house and says switch on the Q tv(Qtv is a real tv channel of Muslims, Q means quran or something). When i switch on he says that high command is very happy with our last work and is going to give us new assignment on this channel at 10:00 am. he continues our mumbai attack was successful and we have to do a second attack and all our group is going to meet in the evening. We were watching Qtv and i was eager to see how they give assignmetn on a tv channel. but no assignment is given, and the dream cuts to mumbai
Our new assignment was to bomb an amusement part(it looked more a mela in some village). My and R’s work was to carry out the preliminary assessment of the security condition of the part and while doing so i ask R why are we doing this. R says they are forcing us to do, if we dont do they are going to kill us and our family. I say cant we think a way to get out of this, i dont feel right yaar. Then scene cuts to the sardar of terrorist we are trying to make excuses to get out of it and he is not heeding. we make other desperate attempts but of no use and the dream ends there.
I have kind of become an expert in dreaming, i can dream whatever i like thou i can control the starting of a dream then after some time i loose control over them. What i do is that when i m about to sleep i keep thinking of the thing about which i want to dream and when i eventually fall asleep the dream starts from there only, some times the story gets too boring and i wakeup in the night and change the direction of my dream and the mind’s story making mechanism takes forward from there. Some times the stories that my dreams generate are so good that u can make a successful film on those stories.  There is this dream i get whenever i am going to be sick. Its about this big vulture who snatches me an flies high whenever i get this dream i am sure to fall sick. The other dreams i like are those in which you see a dream in a dream.  There is a film about this dream in a dream its named waking life, its a very jhakaas film which i would recommend to anyone. The dream in dream kind of dreams are the most exciting dreams. You wakeup from one dream and you are still in another dream. I have experienced to the maximum of three layers of dream in dream. Its so exciting. The sabse exciting dream ever was when i was awake yet i was dreaming,  people call it “sala pagal hogaya”. It happened when i was suffering from withdrawal effect after i decided to quit drugs.. this was the weirdest thing ever happened to me. i was actually awake and i was dreaming and whatever i was dreaming i was acting in real life.. this i would keep it in some other post sometime.

Written by maya

January 13, 2009 at 11:12 am

Posted in drugs, personal diary

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  1. For starters dude patent your dreams sounds fascinating and scary 🙂 LOL. Your hugging is benefiting society.


    January 13, 2009 at 4:52 pm

  2. I think the mumbai attack is still in ur head, so u r dreaming about it.Even i used to dream after the mumbai attack, slowly that thing as gone out of my head.More over i dont remember my dreams much, how hard i try to recollect i am not able to do so.btw u can write a book on types of dreams.I have to be careful in using the word the hug.


    January 13, 2009 at 7:25 pm

  3. @ chirag. it really was scary, those bhoot dreams are not scarry but the police looking for you dreams are always scary. i sometimes have the dream of i commiting murder and running away. that types are the scarriest. we can say its the “ghitte muh me agaye” type.@ varunavi. The trick to dream recall is as soon as u wake up, most of the people would think of the work they have to do in the day ahead. but if you just try to lay down after waking up and just try to think of the dreams then i m sure u wud recall. dream recall needs a concious effort.


    January 14, 2009 at 11:46 am

  4. Look at the brighter side, you can use dream fro anger management. You can get away with anything in your dreams, Ha ha ha brilliant dude. Keep this as a secret I laugh in my dreams. I know stupid but I just laugh.


    January 14, 2009 at 5:37 pm

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