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Top 10 Things that i always wanted to do / become

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1. To become a psychiatrist

2. To direct a movie / a ad / and a porn film (no body tries to make porn film more interesting, all of them looks same. When i make a porn film it would be based on real stories.
3. To write a book. considering how lazy i am i guess it could never be achieved.
4. To be super-rich one day, to build a very reputed company. (Like google).
5. To have big ranch where i would have so many animals as pets, it would be like a small jungle with its own eco-system. with pet tigers, horses, deers, parrots, pigeons, and lots of street dogs, rabbits and every thing.
6. To wander like a real wanderer to ever part of India on foot. Taking stops at night in remote villages and abandoned temples/ constructions. i mean without any commitment or attachment of any kind i want to just walk wherever i feel like going. 
7. To be full-tight for a year, i mean i want to be in the intoxication of heroin for a whole year, whenever the nasha subside i would take it again. for a whole year i want to in full nasha forgetting everything i ever knew.
8. To become a sculpturor or painter
9. To have a house-boat in the backwater’s of Kerala.
10. Atleast i should be able to full fill any of the above.

Written by maya

March 3, 2009 at 7:59 pm

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