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April fools day is dead.

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Since last few years i never knew, how April 1st passed, i didnt knew it was aprill fools day. Well those were the days i dont remember anything, i was a complete drug addict then, my only work was to arrange money for drugs then take drugs then again get busy arranging money. Though last year i recall there was something in times about April fools day. In the first page of city supplement there was photo of shahid and some other heroine and it read something about shahid cheating kareena and on the last page they told it was an april fool joke.

Today there is no reference in times of india about april fools day, i think we are already having too many days, to celebrate april fools day, valentines day has kind of overtaken all other days in popularity. 
My childhood memories of april fools day are very vivid and colourful whenever we woke up everyone desparately trying to fool some one, even in school every one trying to trick the other. Also my parents used to trick us. When you start the tv in doordarshan they would be playing the song “april fool banaya, tumko gussa aaya“. This song would be on our tongue the whole day. Things have changed for good or bad one cant tell.  As Maya says “festivals are for the garibs, others just cant celebrate” I guess we are witnessing the death of a festival (i m not sure, if we are supposed to call it a festival, what else should it be called. a day?).

Written by maya

April 1, 2009 at 11:18 am

Posted in personal diary

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