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As normally perceived by outsiders modi is not as anti-secular or anti-liberal as he seems.  Atleast people in gujarat dont consider him a killer or something. I am quiet secular and always have voted for congress but i have started liking modi.

Modi is not as anti-muslim or religious as most people conceive. He is not much of a pro-hindu, or nationalistic. 
good things that modi did.
1.  He demolished illegal temples throughout gujarat that were coming in way of development, even though VHP was vehemently opposing him.
2. He is pro-development/modernisation and understands that rise in investments and industrialisation will only eliminate poverty. He actively works towards bringing investment to the state.
3. He is a very good administrator. Modernised state electricity boards, and state transport. The only few of state electricity boards and transport dept. that is making profit in the country.
4. He is giving priority to English medium education, and says that in todays world english education is must and always makes a point to mention that how much hurdles he has faced to due to lack of knowledge of English.
The word “secular” in india is not taken in literal sense. Equality is the basis of secularism but in India the Muslims are a pampered lot. They have been given un-due privileges. They have been given a separate law. Why in a secular country a muslim should have separate law. There is no-where in the world that a country has 2 separate laws for its citizens.
The english media treats them at-par as if they are some small child. M.J. Akbar talks shit in times editorial column. We want to look away at their mistakes. Why dont we look at the criminal records around 30 to 40% of jail inames are muslims who constitute just around 10% of the total population. Polygamy,, illiteracy is high, violence and injustice towards women is high. 
Banks rarely give loans to muslims, and its not because the bank managers are hindus but because the Muslims never care to repay and when a bank goes to collect in the muslim gettos, they beat the agents. Criminals are given safe havens in muslim ghettos. 
I am not sure what is it now but i remember in earlier times when i was into drugs and we had to go into those muslim ghettos to get our supplies (ofcourse the suppliers are mostly muslims). We would take the drugs at the drug dealers place and i remember how when pakistan won in cricket they used to burst crackers. I remember the times during the riots when at night we used to go for purchasing our stock pakistani flags flying from houses. They never sing vande mataram they say its against their religion. For them religion comes first then comes the nation.
Why dont we take it as a fact. like as most gujaratis , marwadis, sindhis are good at business, south indians are good in numbers, malayalis and bengalis are good in art and literature, punjabis are fun loving and fierce, marathis are jealous, the same way most muslims are good at crime and murders. Why do we have to overlook the traits of a race. 

Written by maya

April 13, 2009 at 11:25 am

4 Responses

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  1. Now this changed my perception as well :)Thanks, I heard almost all the gujrati’s saying that Modi works for development, but your 4.5 point post was impressive.P.S: The header pic has although lost the impact due to some missing element but now more people will dare to say smthing 😀

    Tarun Goel

    April 14, 2009 at 12:29 am

  2. ya had to change the header pic, i have already borrowed times of india tag line now it would be too much if i borrow the graphical content as well


    April 20, 2009 at 10:51 am

  3. Thats a very neat observation of yours…which really doesnt need mush of any argument.But still the fact is if you honestly try to be your rational best then you’ll find that a religion or caste can’t be labeled as bad or anti-national just because a segment of that particular community is involved in some unscrupulous activities.I have spent most of my childhood where the muslims are as nice and good hearted folks as are the Hindus and as much Indian as us. Lots of riots have gone by and it really haven’t much affected the camaraderie we have been sharing since long.Its not any kinda counter-attack but me trying to be as rational as possible which gets manifested in my opinions.Try to look at the goods as well mate..a feeling of repugnance has profited nobody except politicians who incite this feeling into us and we start losing our uprightness without us having any inkling of that..so sad..!!


    April 21, 2009 at 8:49 am

  4. @ i agree with you regarding that all muslims cant be labelled as i did, But at lower levels i mean the garib muslims are like that only. the middle-class muslims share the same feeling but they dont show it. and the upper-class dont care much.


    April 21, 2009 at 12:19 pm

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