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Was watching tv at 10 pm yesterday and R1 called asking to come out. I came out and saw R1 on his bike and K loathing on his back, i climbed on the seat and asked what happened, R1 said k K is tight we need to take him to his brother’s house, K was stinking of vomit. I and R1 didn’t drink yesterday(paisa prob) and K drunk with some other people.

There was a shadi at K’s neighbourhood. And he came drunk from somewhere and did mara mari with someone his shirt was all torn from here and there. And when we asked about the details he wasn’t answering. Actually K’s brother called R and asked him to take him away from his house as he was doing tight giri and was spoiling the shadi ka mahool of the neighbours. He was vomiting around in the mandap and shouting gaali’s. This is a serious problem with K, he becomes tight and dangerously tight. Friends in our group had many a times beaten him because of this habit. Every one is afraid to call him in shadi, because after drinking some times he becomes totally chutiya. It dosent happen all the time but some lucky day it just happens, i just enjoy watching tight people doing all the chutiyagiris.  But others don’t like it, they think it as a burden to take care of him. I say just leave him and see his tightgiri, there is nothing more enjoying than a supertight friend. 
So when we reached his brother’s house he said k i dont want to sleep here, his brother was also in the shadi and nobody was in that house. And we thought its riskier to leave him here alone, he might do tightpankti with the neighbours, as his brother lives in amir locality someone might call the police itself, and being in gujarat (prohibition) thats another head-ache to take care of the next morning. Then we rode back to his house, i lit a cigerrate and K asked for a puff i gave him he puffed once and gave me back, when i puffed again it tasted of vomit.. eww.. i threw the cig.
All the shaadi ppl were sitting and chatting around his house, we took him thru the back thru some one else’s terrace and finally after skipping many terraces reached his terrace. We made him lay there, he kept on waking up and saying k i want to go down, and would stand up and try to go down, R1 tried to stop and they both started doing maramari. He went down and started fighting with his mom. After a lot of ramayan his brother came and brought food.. Then we left; it was 3pm then.. we some smoked some cigs and went home.
people should always become tight, there is nothing more enjoyable to watch.. 

P.S. will come to know about the full story today, when i meet K

Written by maya

May 4, 2009 at 2:08 pm

Posted in drinking, friends, humor

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  1. wow.. this is the first time i have read a blogpost like this!

    How do we know

    May 6, 2009 at 2:58 am

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