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Maya’s guide to laziness: talking

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This post is about benefits of being lazy. This is a multipart series trying to bring out the virtues of being lazy

Be lazy and dont talk much. 
Talking requires a lot of energy and effort, typing requires far less energy thats why i type all this shit. 
When one talks less; people think that you are some kind of intellect, plus when your words are scare demand for it increases. whatever you say is taken seriously and people dont ignore you. I talk very less and people do think of me as an intellect. 
The lesser you talk the lesser mistakes you make, because when you talk you dont have a back space option.  I have always found the people who talk less are always happier and peaceful from within.  I talk far less than average and have found my life to be extra peaceful.
If you dont talk much people wont ask you much questions, so u need not answer any stupid questions and save your brain for other purpose and conserve energy.
People will trust you with their secrets, because they know you are not going to spread them. So you get to listen about people’s secrets and thoughts that way you will be entertained for free and you will get experience and ideas at the cost of other people.
To talk less an effective sign language with multiple level of head shakes, for conveying yes, no, may be, questions, and other daily use communication should be developed. For yes on phone “hmm” shud do and for No “ann-hnn” shud work or by sticking the tongue to upper part of the moutg and sucking the air from inbetween the tongue produces a sound like that of quaking ducks that is also quiet effective.
Silence is golden for people who have the personality to go along with it, else people might think you are dumb. 
P.S. maya suggests that the optimum talking range should be around 60 words an hour.  and when speaking it should be barely audible to an human ear. And dont disturb some of  the abled  animals by speaking at ultrasonic levels. Many other benefits of less talking are there which the users might point out

Written by maya

May 6, 2009 at 6:20 pm

Posted in humor

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  1. Hilarious but of so true!thanks for the comment on the poem.. i used to write stories.. now thinking about starting again…lets see..i can be really lazy :Dhave a great week ahead!


    May 11, 2009 at 10:57 am

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