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Was in Kerala and caught a sting ray.

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I wasn’t blogging for a while because i was in Kerala for a week to attend a cousins wedding, R 1 also accompanied me there. It was basically fun with little sprinklers of boredom. The high point was when we were full tight at the beach. Whole week we drank beer only as beer is too costly in Gujarat and you can consider it a luxury there. In Gujarat beer costs around 120rs and when u get the same at 50rs you can avoid it. The hard liquor was more costlier in kerala than what was in Gujarat due to high taxation in kerala. In Gujarat liquor mostly comes from low taxation states like Chandigarh, daman and rajasthan. In kerala a DSP black cost us 450Rs and in Gujarat thou being prohibition we buy it at 270Rs. Talk about the benefits of prohibition huh!
My other cousin “S”, R1 and me first went to bar, drank 3 beers each. Parceled 10 extra beers and reached the beach which was on a beautiful island which had to be reached by a boat. It was really beautiful; its some 40Kms from my home in kerala. We were drinking beer and were playing in water, the waves were too strong and was pulling us inside so we didnt go much deep. 
Suddenly a stingray  hit beneath S’s leg and he shouted there is a terandi (stingray in malayalam) R1 was seeing it for the first time alive, thou i had seen a dead one and ate it before, its sometimes available in fish markets. All three of us jumped to get hold of it, you wont believe its so powerful in water, it was literally pulling all three of us into the water, S caught hold of its tail and we 2 we trying to stop it from the front and pushing it backwards towards the land, one of us ran and bought the camera and shot the below video, as we were shooting some other people also reached and began filming the beach which was rather empty, else it would have become a mela around us.
At that time we didnt knew that this stingray was so poisonous and it led to the death of steve irwin. I thought it was some water snake that killed him. Actually its tail is poisionous and it stings into the heart with it, and we were all pulling it by the tail.. As we went home with our catch everyone was watching us and offering us to buy that from us. Highest offers was a 1200rs , but how could we have giving; we had to show the proof of our adventure at home. Reached home with our catch, it was above 12kgs, made it for dinner also many neighbours came to have a look and it was distributed among them and everyone had a feast. Thou i must say it doesn’t taste much good, but the “excotic” and the “own catch” factor led us to eat, R1 still didnt ate.
quiet adventerously ended a day in the life of india

P.S. video removed due to privacy issues

Written by maya

May 26, 2009 at 9:51 am

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  1. god, it looks dangerous :O. Quite an adventure i think!


    May 28, 2009 at 12:52 am

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