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FDI in retail is not required.

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I share the sentiments of kishore biyani in this regard, that there is no need for FDI in retail at the current moment and nor in the future, The indian corporates has enough capacity to do that on their own, then why do we need foreign investment. Well it may create jobs and bring money into the country but still in future they will plough back all the profits. We have already allowed all foreign FMCG’s and white goods manufacturer’s and they are already taking back the profits, that last margin in this remains during retailing and if we allow that also to be ploughed back then it becomes simply meaning less to have these foreign companies in first place. I dont agree that corporate retailing effects small shops in anyway, there is enuf space for both to co-exist and grow; considering that we are still on a growth trajectory and demand is rising.

I m not a communist and i dont oppose investment in other sectors, but retail is the last process in a business and if the profit from that doesnt stay, how does the country benefit.

Written by maya

June 10, 2009 at 2:02 pm

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