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legalising prostitution, a solution to rape?

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As i put some tobacco between my lips and started reading our Times of Pornography (times of india) the first headlines in ahmedabad edition was k a minor in surat raped by 3 person on her way to tuition. Thou times of india does its duty by providing all the erotic details to the event but still its a crap that you feel compelled to read every morning.

Why nobody tries to find a solid solution to this problem, well what if prostitution is legalised. I think the legalisation of prostitution will certainly decrease the number of rape cases and the subsequent murders that happen in order to keep the victim away from reporting the incident to the police.
Thou there are contradicting studies also that claims that legalising prostitution increases the rape incidents, But i would believe the other way its commonsense that if the testicles are empty they wont bounce much. Research shows that primary motive for rape is always lust, if an object to quench one’s lust(though masturbation is far easier way to achieve that, and its the thing that i prefer and recommend) is available then that would certainly result in lower sex crimes. Thou from my experience the desire to rape is a sexual desire in some people. Take for instance my friend R1 who always fancies to rape some one, its his biggest fantacy.
A statistic of rape incidents in OECD nations tells that countries that have legalised prostituion has lower instances of rape, even after taking into account the instances on prostitutes, well that shouldnt have been taken into account, its just a occupational hazard.
The Indian Context
For the time being i think(as if my thinking matters. lol) legalising prostitution in india is not practical. This will lead to sudden growth of sex related crimes. The Indian public is still too eager and hawas khor. Too many of them will jump on the prostitute like a bhukkad. We already having illegal migration from bangladesh in sex trade, this will make the problem more worse than can be controlled. Also lot of people entering in the chamadi ka dhanda will force women into prostituion. Unless the society develops, literacy and income grows this experiment can be fatal
already wrote a lot of shit, felt like as if i was giving some exam.. i still dont understand why the bhenchod do i blog, its so fucking boring and meaning less than life itself. One day there will be street called rand bazaar or a village named randigaon.
P.S. tuition and prosti-tuition was is it so similar,

Written by maya

June 13, 2009 at 11:51 am

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