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I am not a story Teller, i just don’t have the character of a story teller, but i believe my father is a great story teller so i assume some talent must have dripped into me genetically more over i m a jack of all so i think thou i cant write a great story but at least it would be an average.. I wouldn’t have written a story but all at friends park are poets and writers so i think at least i should write one story..may be the only one.
Working title – silence
Rajesh is working on his laptop, he could hear the sound of rain beating against the window panes, sound of TV soaps faintly beats against his ear membranes, he could hear the occasional tanaa tunnu sound effects of the TV serial he has often thought of it as the biggest mystery as to why people watch such crap.. He switches off the laptop and is about to rise to his feet and there is a power cut. For a moment he thought he has gone blind, but suddenly realises that its a power-cut he laughs at himself.
He calls out “Maya where are the candles”
Its pitch dark he couldn’t see a thing; he hears the striking of a match stick – slowly the light grows from one end of the room, a halo of light is coming towards him, he moves forward suddenly he steps on something and falls flat on the ground his head hits the ground, suddenly the hallo of light falls down and flickers to death. He could hear the fast steps of Maya coming towards him, he is trying to get up and in darkness she stumbles on the same thing and falls over him. he shouts Oh god! maya cant you see..
she laughs, she couldn’t stop laughing.. He laughs a bit but she couldn’t stop laughing.. maya dont laugh like this, you are laughing like a chudail it makes me afraid. She laughs for some more time and asks are you hurt, he fumbles a bit and says on the head. She getting a bit serious asks where and moves her hand towards his head and finds the spot where it has got swelled a bit, she rubs it for some time.. She stands up, rajesh says give me your hand, she forwards her hand in the dark, he says i cant see it where is it, he waves his hand in the dark and finds her hand she pulls him up..
She finds the candle and match box lights it, he could see her face now, it looks fear full, her skin is burnt, puss dripping thru small red pores. i was just joking.. she was beautiful, with big dark eyes, kajal lined deep black eyes. He wonders why she is looking so beautiful today, may be the candle light. She looks like a goddess, she looks like a lone diya burning in some distant temple with magical beauty.. He just stares at her for a while, she gestures with her face “what happened”, he says you look like a ghost.. she just freezes for a while, slowly protrudes her eyes, pulls her lips up to show her teeth and makes her face horrible to look at look at, like a ghost. he says maya dont do that.. she stops doing.. he says lets sit in the balcony.. He feels a change, a change in his and her behaviour he wonders may be the darkness is making them act like kids, there is a sense of newness, as if he has met her after a long time, a very long time.. he realises in this hectic and connected world we have been constantly killing the child in us, every day, every minute.. After getting disconnected with the electricity grid he feels connected to a new grid, the grid of relations and life.. he feels completely new today and he thanks the power cut for it..
Three cane chairs are kept in the balcony and there is a small round table in the center, he asks where are the kids. They are sleeping on the sofa, they fell asleep watching the tv..
Maya dont let them watch the crap that you watch, they are going to become a dumbo like you when they grow up.. Suddenly there is some movement on the sofa and the kids woke up. Akanksha the elder one is 8 years old and the younger one Anushka is 6 years. Anushka called confused “maya where r u, why is it dark”, She replies come here beta towards the candle. Akansha goes and sits on rajesh’s lap and the younger one anushka goes to maya..
Kids just lay their half asleep, suddenly akansha says half dreamily papa could you tell a story. Rajesh said beta i don’t know any stories,, but papa everyone knows stories.. Maya says tell them a story, you don’t anyway give much time to them at least tell them a story today.. he says ok ok.. He asks maya to give the match box, she gives saying that i told you before not to smoke when children are around, and don’t give me any of your logic. He lights the cigarette and makes a ring of smoke, both the children try to catch the ring. Maya gives a sharp look to rajesh and calls his name in a harsh tone.. He laughs, already there is so much pollution a bit of cigarette smoke is not going to do any harm to them.. it will help them develop some immunity. Rajesh i told you before that i don’t want to hear your stupid logic anymore…
He keeps smoking and declares “Now the story is going to begin”
This story is about my grand father, Maya interrupts “you never told anything about him to me” rajesh: Now you will know.
He starts.. I have never seen my grand father or grand mother but this is the story that my father told me. My gf (grand father) came to baroda for studying fine arts, he thought he was a very good artist but he later realised that he was not.. Maya interrupts “the same way you think you are a great artist” Rajesh just smiles…
After spending an year at the fine arts college, he realised that others were much better than him and he dropped out.. He then joined for BA, he was staying at some private hostel and he would take a bus to college every day. On that fateful day bus stopped at some bus stand, there he saw a beautiful girl waiting for her bus. From that day onwards he would see that girl daily at the same bus stop, she also started noticing this boy who daily looked at her from the bus. One day he dropped at that bus stop and went straight towards her and stood beside her,, he started doing that for the whole year. He would wait for her to catch her bus and he would catch another bus to college. The same thing he did for next year and the year after, they did nothing, they spoke nothing. But they have become comfortable with each other. Some times he would bring chocolate and offer her, she took from him without saying anything.. The same continued, he brought flowers, and one day he bought cinema tickets he showed her the ticket she nodded her head, they went to the cinema, he dropped her at her home in a rikshaw, still they didnt spoke a word.. They went for many cinemas they started gifting each other. They seemed like a happy couple but they never spoke anything. They never wanted to say anything, it seemed like they didnt want anything from each other, they never felt a need to say hi, hello, they just nodded their heads. And in these years anything they ever communicated was just with basic gestures.. of yes and no
Maya interrupts : so is this a true story,
rajesh : of course it is..
Maya amazed: You mean they didnt spoke for 3 years
rajesh : thats rite
Maya : is it that either of them were deaf or dumb
rajesh: both were normal
gf’s college was getting over, and he had to go back to his village. It was vacation time and during vacation they never met, she also thought he might come back after vacation but rajesh had gone back to his home town (thiruvanthapuram) and got a job in the railways as a reservation clerk. He often thought of her. A year and a half later to his surprise he sees her at the railway station, and he follows her, then he comes to know that her family has always lived here itself and he guessed she might have gone like him to baroda for education. He started following her without her noticing him, he learnt that she works at a local art gallery.
P.S. excuse me for the poor writing quality and lack of technique.. i thought i cud write but i guess writing a story is all about the right techniques
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Written by maya

July 25, 2009 at 10:11 am


5 Responses

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  1. @ Uncommon SenseI think this story has wonderful potential. The fact that they never spoke to one another is of course the key to my interest in the tale. It keeps my interest alive. Also, I liked the straight forward style. Let's see what happens next. DD


    July 25, 2009 at 7:03 pm

  2. Hmmmm, you seem to have a lot of potential too. And in case this is an inspirational dose for your friends, I applaud this initiative. Keep writing … that's what I wish for you!


    July 25, 2009 at 8:13 pm

  3. wow ..u underestimate ur talents ..its taking an interesting turn (ur story that is) ..n the only technique u lacked was i guess the conversation between maya nad rajesh should have been in direct speech


    July 25, 2009 at 10:03 pm

  4. .

    CrAzYy..! ;)

    July 28, 2009 at 7:42 pm

  5. you are great story teller and this story is very interesting.. looking forward for the remaining part of the dada and dadi love stroy..

    Its my life

    July 30, 2009 at 11:19 pm

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