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It was in those days when we had an office near to our college, i was in second year of college, by this time i had stopped attending college but was not officially a drop-out. Our office from where we used to scam people was in a complex we were on the ground floor and on first floor there was this tuition for college people. There used to be a girl studying there, she was beautiful with short curly hair (i like girls with short hair), thou i never spoke to her but i thought i was in love with her, i had been watching her for some 2 years and some how by fate when i went to give my last exam (final exam of second year), her number came just beside me, we sat on the same bench, that was the closest i got to her, and knew her name was poornima, and that bitch didnt let me peek into her answer sheet and that was the end, i stood up and left the examination hall never to return…

Our scamming days were ending, we were on the verge of winding up, we were discussing what next to do, Som also used to go to the same tuition above our office, and he used to drop by at our office often, but that day he had a different plan, and this day will change the course of every ones life who were present at that office. i.e. me, R1, Som, Chim, and gin.

He said i want your office for an hour, many people used to come to our office with their new maals, so that they can fuck in peace, and we had no probs in that, we did our time pass by peeking at them, we also did liquor parties there once or twice a week, to be frank i never liked alcohol. We said ok, what are you going to do, he said wait and see. He sat on the floor, took a small padiki (size of a thumb nail, made of paper), he opened it, there was brown powder in it, what is it we said. He said brown sugar, by that time we had heard of those stuff only in movies, the way they portray in movies people getting dangerously addicted and behaving like they have gone mad, it reminded me of the movie janbaaz and whenever i saw that movie i had felt like puking,, that movie had a puking feel to it.

He looked up, we were all standing around him. he said “try karega?”. Everyone looked at each other, and 2 people had decided to try, R1 and me. They say the bonds of opium never dies, and if you had taken opium with some one, there develops a different level of relationship between them and that bond still exists between me and R1. I and R1 sat with him not sure what is going to happen, we thought it would be wild. He took out a strip of aluminium foil, heated and straightened it. Put the brown powder at one end, took out a pipe made out of playing card, rolled with thread to keep it round, inside of pipe was layered with yet another aluminium foil. He kept the pipe in his mouth, took the foil with the powder on it, kept it in slanting position, lighted the match stick and started heating the foil from below, the powder started to melt and glided towards the other end, it became like a dark chocolate and as it melted it gave out thick grey smoke, he started sucking in the smoke, he held the smoke for a while inside his lungs, and let it out slowly. He seemed relaxed.

He gave us some sweet supari, asked to keep it in mouth as the smoke will taste bitter. R1 tried and nodded to me, now i was sure this is a simple drug and nothing weird will happen, i smoked, it tasted bitter, and the first smoke didnt had any noticeable effect on me. We kept smoking till the brown substance had evaporated completely, we felt good, the intoxication seemed light, we felt drowsiness, we felt like sleeping, eyes became heavy, it was a very sweet feeling, it cant be told in words, its sleep was the nasha Som said, i wanted to be awake, and feel the sleepiness as long as possible. It was such a wonderful feeling, it was heaven, i felt estatic for no particular reason, i was happy, free, light and sleepy.

Few days later he came again, we didnt had any work so just for time pass, we said lets do it again, and as we took more and more it felt better than the last time, we took twice or thrice a week, and we didnt had any addiction kind of problem. Then came the real catalyst, we closed the office and had no work to do. Now we had to fill the empty time, we thought lets do that stuff, its a good time pass. Initially we called som, then we started going directly. We were still not addicted, we were introduced to this new group of drugs addicts in hostel, we were amused at the number of students doing it. I remember one person strongly from the group, a very intelligent person, with immaculate english, and he looked like an alien. His name was nebu, he was a mallu. He was amazed to know that i m a mallu too, and he said that he had met 1000’s of brown addicts, never met a mallu one other than himself.. I said i m not exactly a “addict” we do it just for time pass, we dont have anyother work to do the whole day. He laughed, and said you are kidding yourself. A person who take this stuff second time, he has already become and addict in future tense, no matter what he will come back..

We didnt take it seriously, but i pondered over it, i said to R1 lets check if we are addict or not, we wont be taking this stuff till next week, we will smoke marijuana for time pass. I and R1 were never that much of a marijuana guys, and i dont like that stuff much… after smoking marijuana we went for the same brown stuff. I said lets not meet for a week, because we are meeting, we are thinking of that stuff. 2 days passed and i called R1, i declared “we are addicted, lets do the brown”.

I was literally in love with this thing, and it was the only time, i felt truly in love with some one…, as long as you have the money it will not cheat or hurt you, but we cant say that about girls, cud we?

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Written by maya

October 20, 2009 at 1:26 pm

Posted in drugs, past, personal diary

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