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Prohibition as in a law prohibiting alcohol, drugs, prostitution or other things have always been used by the powerful to herd the garib and the middle class. Why do we need the government to tell us what is right and what is wrong. Prohibition has its roots in religion and politics. They use prohibition as a tool to tell the commoners that if he doesnt listen, his ass would be fucked..

Prohibition and religion
The earliest recorded instance of prohibition can be found in Islam, islam prohibits alcohol under sharia laws and by doing this the religion and the state are controlling the people, they are making all of them same so that its easier to control. Before the taliban came to power the opiods were used commonly by the people, after the taliban it was banned. When one makes a rule under religion or state the maker of the rule is the only one who benefits, the maker of the rule gets the biggest benefit, he gets the POWER, the followers are the ones who suffers. Why is every religion against drugs, alcohol and prostitution. Because they want to curb the freedom, they dont want us to think, they want the gareeb to be gareeb and amir to be amir. All they fucking want is to control our minds and actions. The myths about the evils that these prohibited things bring is all lie, a fucking big lie.
There was a time when coffee was prohibited by the vatican because the coffee came to europe from ethiopia  which was a muslim country, the coffee was termed as devil’s drink. There was a time when prohibition on alcohol was imposed in most of european countries, canada, US, and south america, which was later removed. These prohibitions were done under the orders of respective churches.  The various prohibition under religion as to what a women can do, what she should wear and how she should behave is a social prohibition.

Prohibition class and racism
During a particular period in England gin was banned but whiskey was allowed thou both being alcoholic drink, the reason behind this was the whiskey was consumed by higher class and gin by lower class. Thus prohibition here was used to keep the garibs in order. Prohibition as we all know is class specific, the rich has always a way to get this prohibited things and the governmnet or the prohibitors are aware of this, the prohibition has been made in such a way that only the rich could get access to this products, the rich are safe and they are enjoying all the drugs, alchol, and taking benefits of prostitution, its the garibs that are jailed when they try to enjoy these so called anti social things. It is a class specific luxury that has been provided only to the amirs.
The prohibition of opiods was induced in US specifically to target chinese immigrants, The chinese were smoking opium and the whites use to take it mixed with alcohol. So the ban was not put on opium as a whole but the ban was put only on smoking opiums, which was done only by the chinese. Thou its another thing that later on opium as a whole was banned but initially it was race specific. The prohibition was used through out history, as a political tool to suppress certain class or race of people.The vedic class system which is still prevalent was also an act of prohibition, prohibiting a particular sects of people from growing, or to enjoy the benefits of other class. The higher and richer class wanted people to wash their clothes, clean their toilets and all the fucking work that they didnt wanted to do themself, because the higher class is always in power.

Prohibition politics and US
The reason why we have a world full of prohibition is because of America. The people at the power were fucking annoyed at the counter-culture – hippie movement and new drugs were being discovered, new social experiment was being done, and this was enuf to make the people in the power to get pissed off. How can you people have freedom, when we are controlling you, It has been always about controlling, every one wants to limit the freedom of others, it happens within a family and within a couple too. The basic thing is control and jealousy how can the other fucking have fun when i m not having..
Now the US put blanket ban on every drug, they even didnt leave the innocent cocaine. They said all the wrong things about drugs, they put the government machinery into action and all the research about the drugs being harmful were feeded to the people. In those times other countries didnt have such kind of ban mechanism they werent worried about a few people doing drugs. Now the fucking US through UN made compulsory for all the fucking member nations to have ban on drugs. They paid huge money to afghanistan, columbia and other drug producing nations to destroy opium and cocaine harvest. Still an insane amount of money is being spent by drug enforcement agencies world wide, still people access them and they will always have access. Nobody can kill the demand, if there is a want there will be a supply thats how the market works..

The whole prohibition thing with alcohol (in some parts of india), drugs, prostitution is all politics by the religion and the government so that we will always remain a slave to them, the whole democracy and stuff is bull shit, only the few will get a chance to be at the top and yet they wont have any choice. The whole anti-drug propaganda is filled with one sided facts, if they are so fucking concerned why they dont ban tobacco, its the biggest killer, it kills more people than any drug in the world. And there is nothing wrong with prostitution either, every thing should be legal and people should be able to do what they want without the interference of the state. The whole prohibition thing is fucking big conspiracy to keep us like slaves and deny true happiness.

edited to add: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1223708/Alcohol-worse-Ecstasy-says-drugs-tsar.html?ITO=1490

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Written by maya

October 22, 2009 at 12:52 pm

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