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The blogger – A True story

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Unusual were his writing and unusual were his topics, he wrote about things he experienced and things that he knew, one day he wanted to write about serial killers. He had always maintained he would write only about the things he knew personally in his blog. He dropped the idea and kept on writing on different thing, but he couldn’t get the topic of serial killer out of his mind..
He decided he would talk to a serial killer before he wrote the post, he researched, he talked to people then one day he came to know about a serial killer completing his sentence at the Central jail based in his city, he decided to meet him. He went there and waited as he came to the window. He told him that he wanted first hand experience about serial killers, but the convict refused.
He came back and kept staring at his pc screen, he decided he would kill a few people. The questions were whom, how?. It would be stupid to kill some one in his locality, he has to go to a different city, but what would be the ideal place, and who would he kill. He thought there should be a pattern in the killing that’s what the serial killers do, what pattern should I use, what age-group, what sex, what would be the common link between them. Then he got an idea.
He would kill the commentators on his blog, that would be interesting and it would have a common link. He installed a visitor tracking system on his blog, the system would track the ip address and show the locality of the visitor on google maps. He would go there and scan the locality with whatever information, he had. He would co-relate things and find more details on other social networks.  He put a post, about a story of a blogger, who becomes a serial killer. the title was “The blogger – A true story”. He had vowed to himself, no matter how far the first commentator lived he would nail him down and kill in a way that nobody would have expected, after clicking the publish post button, he waited, he waited for the first comment to trickle down..
To be continued….

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Written by maya

October 25, 2009 at 3:37 pm


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