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The blogger – chapter 2 – killer is on the move..

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Read part 1 here

So this time i have seriously decided to follow my decision. In the last post archana was chosen as the target, and she herself was responsible for it, its a sad fact that she has completed just 26 posts, but then there are people who havent completed that much either. Its not easy to kill some one, someone whose posts i have read and someone who has such a cute profile pic. She has just completed two states by chetan bhagat and death means she wouldnt have to read yet another forthcoming stupid book of his, nomatter how much she liked it.

She also likes a movie “na tum jaano na hum” which reminds me of my friend chimp who is now in newzeland, and she is the second person whom i know besides him who liked this movie. It has to be considered that she is just a girl of 21 and she might have lot of ambitions, and hopes about her life, also we can never ignore how  her family is going to cope once she takes the last breath. And before i kill her, i have only 1 question for her. What is yemiledu? and the answer might change my mind aswell.

I reached hyderabad today at 11 am, hyderabad is where our target lives. The tracking software that i had installed had given me an approximate area of her location, I thought it would be hard to track her down, but she happened to keep a pic of hers in her twitter account, so i took a print out of it, and searched through the locality that the software had pointed. At 3:45 pm i spotted her today, i think she was comming back from her class. I followed her to her home. Waited and studied the area for a few hours, to get the feel of the surrounding. Now if i had to kill her, this place offers no chance, may be i will have to lure her under some pretex, thou she would have read this post, still she would fall in the trap. ha ha ha…. ha ha ha ha

I had gone to a nearby super market earlier the day and bought some nice set of sharp knives, a Big trolley bag (to keep the mutilated body parts), a rope (might be of some use), rubber gloves, floor cleaner, some cheap t-shirts (to wipe blood after the killing), a small vaccum cleaner (to be sure, i dont leave any forensic clues behind). The hotel i choose was away from the city, nearly empty the place was such that people might not care much. This hotel seemed to be used by couples and prostitutes. This increases the risk of an out of the blue police raid, but thats a risk that could be taken..

I lay on my bed with laptop as i m typing this, thinking of the day that will follow. My hands are sweating as i type, the feeling is of exhilaration and nervousness the kind of feeling before an interview that you know you are going to pass. May be i might think of raping, or tasting human flesh aswell, and the thought of eating raw human flesh gives a sense of courage, i take a gulp of whiskey. and click publish.

edited to add @ 8:23 am on 27th oct.

Read here archana’s final letter. yes she is a brave little girl. And do see the enlarged profile pic of her’s in the post (ya the cute one, tht i mentioned). And you can see on this post with an inventive strike through title, asking me to change my plans he he he.. ha ha ha… And since she has a cute profile pic, and she is going to tell us what yemilendu means, i decided that not me, not her but you, my readers will decide the course of her and my fate. So here is a poll, the first poll in history conducted online that will save a girl from being brutally murdered and mutilated. Its time to decide. The victim can also vote.

Should Archana be killed?(survey software)


Written by maya

October 26, 2009 at 7:41 pm


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