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So i have been just lurking around some “main stream popular blogs” mainly those of feminist kind (i wonder why women happen to be more popular bloggers). Anyway as a matter of fact, i do visit these kind of blogs and as a nature i oppose whatever they are saying, but rarely are my comments approved i think and let me tell you the comments are neither insulting nor filled with swear words, as one might expect from me. I never spread my gaalis to others blog, they stay at my place.

So they were all discussing or would rather say were mentioning instances of domestic violence, some domestic violence awareness month is this i guess. The problem with these blogs is that they never try to figure out the solution but rather just express their views, or the already known facts. The thing with feminists is that they are like theologists, one sided, never looking at the other side of the story..They are just thinking that MEN ARE EVIL. but the facts point to other side.

Thou i can talk about domestic violence against women, but we would rather choose to discuss domestic violence against men. Domestic violence against men by their spouse rarely come out in the open due to some obvious reason. A man wouldnt go out and tell the world, or say to his friends, or other relatives that his wife beats the hell out of him. The men are in a situation similar to sexually abused children, they are not able to speak about it. If there are violent men so are there violent women and the feminist ignore this angle completely as a matter of fact i would say, women are more wicked than men on an average. So its not surprising that in instances of domestic violence the violence induced by a mother in law towards the daughter in law would be in higher number than the violence of husband towards his wife, and in most cases the mother is the one that prods the son to beat his wife.

The above results of survey shows that violence against men by women are in higher numbers and is increasing, I know its not a indian survey, but all women and men are the same, there is nothing special about india, and india being more conservative men wont come out in the open, also a study proves that women are more likely to physically abuse their children, mostly single mothers.

Statistics from indian crime records bureau of india says that instances of suicides among married men are twice as compared to women.

The issue is not a man against woman or woman against men issue, but its something else. Even the Indian law is pro women in these issues, and the men are big victims of this. As the women are becoming more independent instances of domestic violence towards men is increasing in the western world, and will also begin to increase in india. Just to prove my point i would suggest you to go to google.com just type “domestic violence against..” and the search engine will give automatic suggestion of the most searched terms and the first one(means the most searched term) will be “domestic violence against men”. One may argue that this is not a proof. But i would counter that people would search these kind of things when they are themselves suffering it.

As a civilized man would not beat a women because one had been brought-up with the values that its not right to beat / physically abuse a women”. So this deters him, but there are not values fed into women as to they should not act in a particular manner, but they would subconsciously cite how the women has been oppressed through out the history, so she might think its time to pay back.

What i m trying here to tell the readers and feminists is that, domestic violence is not a women specific issue, violence against men is taken very lightly and a few would outrightly deny the existence of it. Let me put it again WOMEN ARE MORE CRUEL THAN MEN, its just that they havent got any chance to prove it.. you will see that in coming years. I see a future i mean 100s of years from now, that all men would be made slaves (i mean actual slaves, literally), i m already seeing men behaving and giving extra importance to women, as if they are slaves..

P.S. This writeup is not against any gender, but its against popular views, as it happens the reality is not being brought up by the main-stream.. 


Written by maya

October 28, 2009 at 2:16 pm

Posted in uncommon

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