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The problem with me talking about astrology is that it becomes confusing to the people. The reason is that i come across as an atheist totally logical and rational on one hand and on the other i believe to some extent in things like astrology, luck, karma and stuff, and all this things are something that atheists wont believe in. Its just that i m somewhat different in approach to various things. I believe we dont have control of our life and had did several posts on the same topic, a scientific person wont subscribe to that, but i m more of a philosophical person than a scientific one. Science often behaves like a religion not listening to the ideas of the other side… it simply lacks flexibility. 
As i said in last post we visited an astrologer which we do every time my sister accompanies to kerala. I have visited astrologers numerous times but this time this astrologer was a bit different not only in his background but in the way he tried to explain thing, he believed in what he was saying and at the same time he had doubts on his predictions, doubts are good. Nothing in this world is perfect, no prediction can have a finality because that is something that simply isnt possible. The point is to maintain an acceptable level of accuracy in prediction rather than it being totally accurate as its said nothing is 100%. Now this person is a civil engineer by profession, a mathematician and an astrologer, which means he understands science and he accepts there is something that is beyond scientific accuracy. 
Also this guy was giving information about planetary positions of famous people, and how famous people have mostly the same kind of horoscopes.
This is a complex topic for me to make the readers understand (and i might fail in doing so) because the readers will be either total believers and total non believers, but i m in the middle and want the readers to be in the middle. Science predicts so does astrology predicts. Suppose a rocket is to be launched and they design the rocket and predict that it will work but most of the time it doesnt work, so the prediction goes wrong. That doesnt mean the theory applied was wrong, but there was something missing, same goes with astrology it can go wrong and it can go right. I know the logic has faults but i just want to make you understand every human action is based on prediction, we go to an interview with the prediction that we will get a job and so on, we may get it or we may not various factors leads to the end results.
I have been mathematically handicapped in life, i just cant cope with numbers but i also do understand the importance of mathematics, everything in the universe can be converted to numbers and every laws of the universe should be mathematically workable. If something cant be converted to numbers we cant believe in that, so since this astrologer is a mathematician i assume his working knowledge of things is much better than others and i would believe in this guy more than anyone else… the world is just a big mathematical equation.
The reason that i believe in astrology to some extent is because of the way it has originated. The origin of the god was in the same way. People made up god because they cant understand things, when an ancient man saw lightening he thought some one was doing it, may be god was doing it, thats how god came into existence in a effort to find reasons, humans cant live without reasons thats how their brain is built they need reasons. Most discoveries have been made in an effort to find reasons. So some people tried to assign the bad phases and good phases in the life to god, some other tried to find other reasons. They questioned how times change suddenly from good to bad, how somethings happen at a particular phase of life, why one suddenly gets richer or poorer, in an effort to find answer they looked up, they observed things and some how they developed a complex system and came to conclusion that the moments of celestial objects are causing the changes in life…
Why do i believe in it? its because it has been achieved by observation. I believe in observation. I spend a lot of time in observing things and asking questions as to why they happen, its a trial and error method. But observations works. I see 2 people having the same kind of beard i just try to find out their similarities or what is common between them, and believe me there is a lot in common. Its just about comparing, you see a persons body language and compare it with some one else, in most cases you find their nature to be same, same goes with voice, hair styles, looks, body parts and many other things. size of hands, fingers, toes, feet their shape and everything corresponds to some particular character or nature of that person.. its just observations.. Since astrology has been developed by 1000’s of years of observation and its origin not confined to a single person but the efforts of 1000’s of others who believed in it and considering that it has managed to live on since all these years forces me to give some weightage to it.
Why it works? It certainly wouldnt make a fucking sense as to why some positions on sky would effect a person. Newton said the gravitational force of these planets effects us, but scientists dont believe that and neither do it, beyond sun and moon other planets done have any effect on earth this is something that science world would accept. But isnt there that we are missing something, technically its a dead end. if we think rationally on the effects of astrology as to how actually it works.
But the main thing missing here is the time. The time a person is born effects his future is what astrology says its just that its co-related to the planets. If we consider the position of planets just as a reference point in terms of time then what?. The idea of time, for that matter calendar is born out of these heavenly observations, all the calendars has been made on the basis of planetary positions. The time taken for earth, moon, sun, planets to revolve has been known since ancient times and divided into days, months and years based on astrology. The calendar we follow are astrological calendars.
I read recently that people born in months of winter are prone to asthama. If time of birth can have effects on disease so it can have effects on various characteristics that a man develops. The climate, the temperature, the surroundings can certainly have a role in formation of a persons nature.
What I m trying here is to do a logical inquiry if astrology really works. Now lets see what the astrologer told me looking at the planetary positions. I would first like to tell you is that western astrology is different from the vedic astrology that I m talking here. Vedic astrology is more precise and more likely to go wrong or right than the western astrology because the vedic one is more filtered as it takes into account nakshatras and lagans which the western one doesn’t. Western one is just a wider prediction and the vedic one is filtered to an individual.
First that guy explained about all the planets and stuffs and how it works (nobody did that before, thou most of what he said had gone over my head but it’s a welcome change) and he tried to give scientific explanation to his believe. We also ended up in a fierce debate on my atheist stand point.  Pointing to my chart he said you have five planets in the same house while you were born. Which means you will have different talents, but you wont be able to derive the benefit of any of them because u will keep shifting from one to another and wont be able to concentrate in any of it, and since these planets are all together the effects of these will be diluted, so u will be good in them but never great in them. That was it now I believed this guy, this has something that I have been observing thru out my life, I was good in all the things but never great in any of them… I have always been a generalist with some knowledge in every subject but not an expert in any of it. I just cant expertise in any of it..
He predicted of me having left studies in between, he said you are born with such stars you are just trying to go to the opposite from the rest, u just want to be different that’s it.
He then asks me with a mysterious smile as to what I do for a living, I said business, he further inquires, I said its about websites and stuffs.. he asks me to explain how it works.. I just made up something and told him..
He says you are going thru a very difficult phase, its kandaka shani in your rashi. The next six months is going to be very tuff and chances are you might end up in jail. Now this really stuck me, then he explained further saying its what happens with most of the people with this planetary positions also you can have to go thru surgery or will meet with an accident in next six months. After that its ok time for you…
Another thing he said was that my friends are drain of my money, I just spend too much on friends and they are taking undue advantage of me, I cudnt agree more, this is something I have always known. He also hinted about my drinking habits..
He said I am a good ideator, and could come up with good ideas. Also said I am a good thinker, spend too much time in thinking and stuff, he further asked if I write, I said I do blog.. then he later says no matter what a good ideator you might be but you lack execution skills, and there is only a faint chance that you might be successful.. I know this.. I have had brilliant ideas in life,, but most of them didn’t fructify as it should have been,, the prob was that I just lost interest midway.
So lets wait and watch for six months if these worse predictions come true.
What I liked about this guy Is that he always said these things “may” happen and not that it will, he said there are various factors that leads it to this…
Only thing that guy went wrong about was he said I might have stomach ache.. which was wrong..
When asked when will marriage be, he said you can marry any time, time is ok for it and further added he cudnt say when marriage will happen and he could just say which time is suitable for it…
On a whole I think the predictions are good.
There is a time for everything. As they say in business you need to be at the right place at the right time… even the greatest ideas in the world fails to work if not done at the right time.. so does the jyotish says, they say there is a time for everything, and if not done at that time it cant be done at any other time. Jyotish is about knowing what time is good for what thing.. things most of the time happen automatically at the right time and other time a jyotish is needed to tell us what the right time is… either way the things that you are planning may work or not work it all depends on how you do it, just because its good time for doing a business doesn’t mean that you open a shop and it will work automatically, you have to work towards it, he need to have the capacity to pull it off.. just having the right time is not enuf..
If you ask me again if I believe in astrology, I would say yes, but to some extent.. Its just a study of time,, there is a time for sowing and there is time for harvest,, so does we have time to study and to reap its benefit… some times the crops fail some times they doesn’t.. but the time for sowing and reaping remains the same.. just because you sowed at the right time doesn’t mean that you will reap the harvest, but the chances of you reaping the harvest increases.. there is no certainity to our actions.. its all just a chance… a luck..
Everything in this universe begins at a particular time and ends at one. The place and time is every thing…everything that will happen to you good or bad will depend on where you are now…and where you are now depends on where you have been.. and it depends on time and place of your birth…
To reiterate, the constellations, the planetary positions don’t effect you directly they are just a calendar, a reference point for your time on earth. 

P.S. Most probably this is longest post i ever did, and i think there is still a lot that needs to be told to make it complete..also after reading the post again i m of the opinion that i failed to expresses what i meant to say.. anyway will do related posts in future which will give clearer idea to the reader..

My story telling blog is now live at http://blackcrowandwhiteshit.blogspot.com do check it out and follow me there if you like it… thanks..


Written by maya

April 20, 2010 at 1:15 pm

Posted in uncommon

14 Responses

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  1. i dont blv in astrology. why? plain n simple, it doesn't make any mathematical logic (and i happen to be self-confessed champ @ Math as well as Logic) that a star, made of hydrogen and helium can change my destiny etc. i dont blv that Mars (Mangal) is something that can affect my life, or Saturn (Shani) for that matter. it doesnt make any mathematical sense to think that u can divide 6 billion+ ppl in 12 categories based on Zodiac signs. and so on… But i think astrology is fun. we love to flaunt our lunar/sun signs and yeah, the tattoos look cool too.its also fun to only pick the random similarities from the horoscopes and call the 95%+ (or more) false hits as they are generic prophecies :)i dont mind ppl who have faith in astrology… i just would like to have faith in myself.


    April 20, 2010 at 2:06 pm

  2. @chhaya the star of hydrogen having effect on humans is just a small abusrdity when u think that same kind of hydrogen and helium gas transformed into some thing called earth.. which grew life forms such as humans who would go further to inquire how that helium and hydrogen became living life forms… isnt it something more unbelivable than planets having effects on humans..hydrogen and helium changing into humans…as i said we need not think of it as having effect on us, but we can just treat it as a calender of some kind…

    Uncommon Sense

    April 20, 2010 at 2:34 pm

  3. I recall the story of a face reader who I met inside Amber Fort in Jaipur. This guy didn't see anything … just looked at my face and was wonderfully correct in his predictions.Talking abt astrology, I don't see a strong reason to believe it. Never really thought hard abt it though, but whenever it went against me, I went against it as well. Not that I am a recluse and gifted to rot in hell, but astrology couldn't really penetrate much in my life.Observation is really a good art, just that it should not be tied to planets and stars. It could be the human mind only, you don't need cosmic concepts to outsmart gifted human intelligence.


    April 21, 2010 at 12:44 pm

  4. If you ask me if I believe in astrology I would say, No! Reason is not that I believe it's not true. I am also doubtful. But assuming it is true, it's very difficult to identify the people who have the real skills. Most astrologers are likely to be fake ones or the ones with inadequate knowledge… So believing in it, there are more chances of getting misled than know the real thing. And besides, it's all doubtful, after all. So, No! is a better answer than a Yes, for me.

    Darshan Chande

    April 21, 2010 at 1:36 pm

  5. Your post looked like I was reading about myself. Quite a lot of similarities between us.I am not sure about astrology I take it with a pinch of salt. BTW what are your thoughts on black magic?

    The Survivor

    April 22, 2010 at 10:41 am

  6. @idle..neither do i see any strong reasons,, but from my experiences i believe astrology works sometimes@darshan.. i m just as doubtful as u,, bt sometimes the predictions are gd and that makes me to find reasons to belive in it…@survivor.. may b our birth month might be same, btw i ws born in october.. i certainly dont belive it in totality.. but i think its works sometimes.. black magic.. in next post..u c ppl i m providing an on demand service, which other blog does that..lol

    Uncommon Sense

    April 22, 2010 at 9:10 pm

  7. this blog post has some of my thoughts which u have wonderfully put. I too believe in astrology , but at the same time i am becoming atheist day by day . and top of it i m an engineer and work scientifically and logically.I want to study it some day…..Western astrology is just crap , what we see or read in newspapers about our zodiac is absurd.And i myself possess big intution powers ..:)


    April 23, 2010 at 6:20 pm

  8. @lincoln.. gd to know that, u r moving towards the atheist camp.. which is all goodintuition powers, thts cool

    Uncommon Sense

    April 23, 2010 at 8:06 pm

  9. well i did not read the whole of it ..itwas too long 2 keep me hooked ..but as of now nothing has happened in my life to believe or not believe in astrology strongly !!


    April 24, 2010 at 1:41 am

  10. @vici yeh nobody likes long posts,, most of the time i dont read either… i knew tht for most ppl it wont be relevant

    Uncommon Sense

    April 24, 2010 at 4:20 pm

  11. i hate the concept of horoscopes..but ma parents though very liberal believe in that..


    April 24, 2010 at 7:36 pm

  12. I believe horoscopes are right to a certain extent. But they should not be a basis of all your actions. Indian should have been the most successful people on the planet if horoscopes were used a basis of our actions.One should put astrology on the backburner, because the most successful people on the planet never believed in astrology. Most of the predictions are self fullfilling prophecies.Success is all about channelizing your hardwork in the proper direction.

    Vikram Harindran

    October 5, 2010 at 9:20 am

  13. A lot of people, whom we are acquainted with, go straight to the newspaper or open up their astrology cards or their favorite bookmarked websites to have a quick look at their day’s horoscope or the Indian astrology predictions and then proceed towards doing anything else. All these people have become habitual of doing this either just for the thrill or charm of it or else they strictly follow and believe in the stars.

    Indian Astrology

    May 10, 2011 at 12:47 pm

  14. Get your Personalized Horoscope Compatibility Online Match Making. We provide you the best Match Making with Compatibility Analyis. Free daily horoscope & what is my Horoscope?

    Rakesh Seo Expert

    July 10, 2011 at 10:00 pm

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