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Such a long journey : Last visit to uncle. (Adult content)

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Apart from reading this book what made me use it for the title of the post is that actually this journey of few days felt like a really long one, i was home sick. I felt like i have been like travelling for ever. The journey lasted exactly a week, but it felt elongated.

Cousin and friend left the very next day of our arrival at baroda, so now i was free to go to uncle’s i reached there at 8 pm, ate food and watched some tv and were ready to sleep. Uncle is a typical garib living in an industrial town, they have a small rented house, with 1 room and a kitchen. The room is a big one. They had one bed, so the childrens slept on the bed, their older son is in 9 th and the daughter in 6th standard may be. Bistar for us was lagaoed on the floor, aunty slept at the end near the bed, uncle in the middle and me at the other end. The lights were switched off, and we waited for the childrens to sleep.

With all the travelling and stuff i was feeling sleepy. This waiting is a normal routine had to do it every time, i had a hardon in anticipation and was playing with my lund. A few minutes into it and aunty pushed her hand towards me over the uncle, and i started kissing and carressing her hand. What i have learned is that, the hand is as sexual thing than any other body part, i would actually say its more sexier than any other body part, and actually one can go into a orgasm just playing with the palms and fingers.  i would say in the three days of constant fucking that were to be followed i lost interest in every other body part except the hand and the gand. So coming to the story, few minutes after playing with the hand in the dark it was assumed that childrens have slept, then aunty came in the middle and we started kissing, kissing is one of the things that i have good appetite for, we must have kissed almost for half an hour. Then uncle said aunty to open the window for some light, just near the window there is a street light so the mild white light of a tube light filled the room, i have to tell you that i m more comfortable in the dark, its better to see with eyes of the mind then to see actually.. because the moment i begin to see i m bound to get distracted by one thing or the other, its like OCT – obsessive compulsive thinking problem that i have, i cant stop thinking what i have begun to think.. so i tried to not think about anything else..

After the kissing part i started playing with her boobs over the cloth. Uncle also played with it and watched us. The moment i arrived there and the first time i saw aunty, i was happy, because she had put some weight, she was very skinny but did had good boobs and gand, but this time it was much better bigger boobs and gand, and a good ass had always been my weakness. So i licked and sucked the boobs that were all too familiar to me, she kind of has this perfect set of boobs, but i would have preferred a bigger one, her’s are too spongy. And the thing is that some how i have always liked the boobs from above the clothes, pressing boobs above the clothes have a different feeling. Uncle may not have enough money to eat food but does spend good amount on fancy bra and panties, Then moved my hand towards her pussy and started rubbing it, uncle untied the naada of her salwaar for my comfort, then i started fingering her. Then started pressing her ass, and i get double erection, pressed her gand for a good amount of time, then she removed her chaddi and all and became total naked. I started kissing her all body and moved towards her hole. Regular readers know that how i had managed to lick last time, and it was a psychological victory as i had always felt it dirty. This time i was more confident to go down there, it smelled a bit of muttar, it certainly was repulsive to me, but i know its all maya, there is no such thing as dirty and its all in the mind. So training my brain i moved forward and started licking all over her thighs and pussy, i didnt actually put my tongue inside was just playing with the lips, i still wasnt sure or to say ready to taste it, then after a few minutes i did put my tongue in for the sake of curiosity and experiment, it tasted salty and as if i m licking some kuccha piece of meat, i began to take mental notes of how i m feeling, about the taste and smell as if i m doing research on the subject and at that very moment i knew i m in a fix now, and had lost my erection, now i knew i have gone into thinking mode, and would be hard to snap out of it. I was already thinking why the pussy is in that position, what if it had been on the back side or in the front instead of being in the middle of legs, i was thinking about the design of the human body and all. All this i was think while licking and aunty was going mad, i did implement some experimental tonguing technique to test what is more pleasurable to her.

Then i stopped and layed by her side, she took hold of my dick and realized that it has slept, she then came over me kissed me, then started kissing all over the body slowly moving downwards, she sucked my nipples, and it does feel great and kinda ticklist because it has all the sensitivity left to it, Slowly she started moving downwards and my lund started gaining erection. She started licking balls, and then the shaft, and finally took it inside her mouth, i have already told you about her great blow jobbing skills. In the white light i could see my dick going in and out of her mouth, she is a very enthusiastic sucker and thats what makes all the difference. Then she lied down and i got over her and penetrated her in missionary position, my hands were all wobbly while i balanced my self on one hand and tried to guide my lund inside her. I realised k i should be exercising, before i get married else it will be a shame to wobble over a girl, she might think i m getting some mirgi ka daura and would shout. It went inside, it was tight and aunty knows some techniques with which she can grip the lund with her bhose. And not more than 15 slow strokes and i was about to burst, i purposefully kept it slow to get more time but still it wasnt any sucess. So did a final 5 strokes and immediately pulled my lund out as i cummed. aunty said, shit you had do it inside. I said oh, i didnt knew. I layed on top of her and thought about why am i getting this premature ejacuation like some first time fucker.

Then uncle started fucking and i watched them lying by the side, i was not intersted in watching them but still watched as there was nothing else to do. Aunty jabardastili played with my soya hua lund, i was so annoyed at it, you know when one has cummed even a women’s hand touching you feels like shit, she jabardastily pulled my face towards her to kiss her, i didnt feel like kissing soon after the discharge, i was like, why the fuck is she annoying me, yet i kissed her. Then she pulled my hand kept it on her boobs asking me to press her, i was like lodi why you are troubling me, play with ur husband, let me lie down and take some breath, yet i pressed her boobs. To get way from her constant annoying i got up and went to toilet, washed and waited there itself so that their program would end else she will keep touching me, came back and yet their program was continuing, uncle has got good stamina, and both of them are equally hawaskhor and good match. In all the years of their marriage which would be around 15 years, they say there wasnt a single day when they didnt fuck.. They were one hawaskhor couple, and i was the sandwiched bichara between their hawaskhori. They finished and washed and came back, i thought finally i can know take some rest, but i started feeling her had inside my pant, i was like what the shit, i just completed now have to do it again.. but i started getting erection again, and fucked her again, then uncle fucked her. And then i slept, in the middle of the night i see aunty calling me for another fuck, i said to myself these people wont allow me to sleep if i wake up now, and its not that i will be left with just one fuck, they will be making me fuck again subsequently.. so i did natak of being in sleep and just slept.

Next morning woke up, it was a sunday everyone was home. The day spent with talking with their kids, during day time i and aunty both are very shy, we hardly look at each others face, and talk very rarely only about essential things. Uncle always says to go and press her boobs by going into kichen while every one is here, i never felt comfortable doing that. he said you should always do pushing and pressing when every you get chance. I said k what is the need to do that when i m already overfucking above my capacity in night.
Uncle ask so did you press and push cousin1’s sister, i said no. He then says you should, i said in my mind i m not some hawaskhor pagal like you, going on pressing and pushing people every where, but as i remember i did had a chance with her, she once asked me to show porn, i really got shocked by her daring bazi, we did watch the whole porn sitting together, but i never got courage to even touch her. That was a total loss when i think about it now. And now when i think i do feel that there is some truth in which uncle says, every one wants to fuck every body and are ready to be fucked by anyone, if given a favourable condition. She was so hot a maal, big boobs and gand and all. Every time i see her i get erection.

The second night fell, fucked multiple times and slept, this time i was not feeling tired and was enthusiastic about fucking but still the fucking didint last much. There is something like love between me and aunty which comes out only during night, i could feel it, the way we hold hands all night, the way she caresses me, and its very important thing in sex to have some kind of emotional attachment, which makes it more tabooish and sexual. Just fucking is not sexy, but having a secret emotion of love behind that fucking is erotic. Her husband wants to see her being fucked by another guy, thats his sexuality and having a secret emotional attachement in midst of this purely robotic or animalistic fucking is her and mine idea of sexual excitement. As i have told before when i and aunty are having sex alone without uncle knowledge it feels so much better, even though we know that there is a ready approval from him, but still he not knowing it gives an extra thrill.. i still remember the night when uncle was sleeping aside and we fucked secretly and how she had told me in the ear not to tell uncle about it, and had kissed me. I did really felt sexy that time.

The next day childrens went to school and uncle and aunty took chutti, aunty has started teaching at some local school yeh with duplicate certificates and all, she is actually just 10th pass. So we fucked at day time, i have to tell you i lost my erection totally this time after a while of forepaly. Then aunty sucked and made it erect but it again lost erection while i was inserting, may be because of the full day light, and sound of the tv and surrounding, a radio some where, the maulvi shouting from the mazjid, i could hear all kinds of sounds and it was causing distration, and some body just sitting behind your ass and watching you fuck is not a very conductive environment for my arousal.

Then i rubbed my lund on her ass for sometime then i got i got instant erection, this time she got over me and rode me, i ejacuated or not i never realised, but my lund was paining but it was not loosing erection. She kept riding me for half an hour but there never happend any ejacuation and neither did i loose erection. This thing also happens some time. Either i spurt it out soon or it doesnt spurt atall.. a ajeeb lund of an ajeeb man. But its a big one. But size never really matters, though with a some what smaller dick uncle is like a super fucker, like an engine chugging through a tunnel. like a piston of a steam engine, chuck chcuk chuck..

After 3 nights of fucking her bhose finally showed laal jhandi, her periods arrived and i got my green jhandi to go home. That night of period she gave blow jobs and wanked our dicks off, it was more comfortable, just lying on your back and she wanking it off, but no matter how much she wanked it didnt ejacuate, then i had to do it myself, spurted the hot stream on her ass. As soon as i spurted she again started playing with the lund, i said in my mind WTF i m not some first class hawaskhor like your husband who can cum again and again nonstop. But still her touch gave me another erection thou i didnt want it, then fucked by keeping lund between her thighs, it was fucking boring, then the second time too masturbated myself..

So uncle asks the next day, now that you are marrying you wont be coming here right or will you be? I said i dont know, it all depends on how marriage turns out.. Then took a train back here, didint get reservation, came in general, was not much of a trouble, better than what i had anticipated.

Went for ladki dekhing yesterday, story in next post.

P.S. There is a reason for doing this post in full porno style, because this might be the last story to happen between three of us, so i thought my followers need to know how things works between us.

Written by maya

March 7, 2011 at 12:28 pm

Posted in personal diary

8 Responses

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  1. awesome post…maya back in form…total LOL post not because of the content but of your thinking process…extremely entertaining post


    March 7, 2011 at 5:29 pm

  2. thnx man.. i m really glad that u ppl are here,, else whom would i say all this to..

    Uncommon Sense

    March 7, 2011 at 6:53 pm

  3. I think I agree with hands being a sexy element. I never really realised it before I read this post.


    March 7, 2011 at 9:40 pm

  4. yes.. playing with hands is the best part of being in love or being physical..

    AbhiLaSH RuHeLa

    March 8, 2011 at 5:09 am

  5. great ..but that oral sex part sounded funny ..funny as in i never though that someone so experimental has to undergo so much to do oral ..which means anal is a far cry ..specially coming from you it sounded "ajeeb " :)…


    March 9, 2011 at 12:02 am

  6. @damsel, abhilash… very true@vicious.. people have inhibitions no matter how experimental they are, conquring these just for the sake of curiosity or experiment is what makes one an experimentalist.. Yeh anal might be a far cry,, but if i m naturally inclined towards everything then whats there to experiment.. hai na?

    Uncommon Sense

    March 9, 2011 at 10:36 am

  7. Since you have been so open about your relationship, can I ask if there was ever a thought about you thinking that this was immoral?Did you ever wondered what would happen if the kids come to know about the relationship considering you all slept in the same room?

    The Survivor

    March 13, 2011 at 10:52 am

  8. @survivor.. how can this be immoral. An act cant be considered immoral unless someone gets hurt..yes we have thought about it.. thts y we try not to wake them,,just to put things into the right perspective..a daughter having sex with her bf.. is it immoral? what if her father comes to know about it, which is obviously going to hurt her father's sentiments..in such a such a case, should the girl abstain from sex? should she treat it as immoral.

    Uncommon Sense

    March 13, 2011 at 1:52 pm

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