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Radicalisation of islam in kerala

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The muslims came to kerala as traders some where around in 7th century from Arabia, this was the first time that the muslims were coming in contact with the indian sub continent. Most of them settled there and married the local population, muslims in kerala are called mopila, which essentially means son in law. Thus the first instance of conversion and the rise of muslim population started, today the muslims consist 28% of kerala’s population. In those days caste system was very rigid so the muslims didnt had tough time getting in some followers, well thats totally justified, every one wants a better system, everyone wants to be treated better. But the thing about hinduism was, no matter how cruel the caste system was people still found it hard to leave it. Hinduism had its magnetism, being an atheist myself i still call myself a hindu, and i dont see any problem for a hindu to be an atheist. Because hinduism is not exactly a religion, the very word hinduism or hindu never existed but was invented by the brits.
Apart from coming to vacation here every year i m not very familiar with this place, neither the few months that i have been here makes me an expert on this topic, but i can bring an outsider’s perspective to this topic. What i have been seeing these days are a lot of muslims, every where i go i am seeing muslims, its not that the population has increased over night, neither do i think that its because of anti Islamic sentiment that i have developed over the years are making the muslims more visible to me. The reason i think is muslims are wearing their religion on their sleeves these days, i see every muslim even college goers with skull caps and beards. Almost all muslim women are in burkha or with a hijab, i dont find anything wrong with hijab it actually makes girls look cuter, but i have serious problems with burkha, dont know but i develop a sense of fear. (btw remember the song tu hi re.. tu hi re from bombay.. while manisha runs how her boobs swing, have you noticed that). A few years back i rarely saw anyone in burqa or with a skull cap, everyone just wore normal clothes, women wore saaris or salwar kamiz. But today you can call yourself lucky to find a single women wearing saarie or salwaar kamiz, i have been dying to see a muslim girls face, they are actually very beautiful hai na. In earlier times muslim women just wore a blouse and a mundu like all other mallu women. The change in clothing was so much that Rayana kazi who went to tamil nadu for education when she came back in jeans realized that she wasnt allowed to wear that any more. She was threatened to wear burkha, and court had to appoint constables for her security round the clock. The problem had grown too much with heavily funded new cadre based political outfit PFI – popular front of India luring muslim boys and every one who joins is given a mobile phone and a bike and are indoctrinated with radical theories . 
If we look at history, the mass forced converter tipu sultan is seen as a freedom fighter, or the malabar revolution that started against britishers in  protest to caliph in turkey which resulted into 2000 forced conversion is taught in books as a freedom movement. The fact is that muslims never took part in any nationalist movement, all they did was to fight for their religion. It had been always like that.
There is a big difference between the muslims in kerala and other parts of the country. Most of the muslims in other parts of india are under privileged and from the economically and socially weaker sections of the society. But in kerala all muslims are rich and educated. They are one of the most economically sound sections of the society, The reason for this has been that muslims were the first to benefit from the gulf rush. They went to gulf countries and came back with big fortunes, setup businesses and enjoyed a privileged life. Half the mallu population in gulf countries are muslims, and they are in better position than non muslims there. They own business and are in good position. Kerala gets 90 billion in remittances from gulf every year through legal channels, and some experts say remittances via hawala channels stands at 300 times the legal figures. Most part of this money being sent by muslims are being used to propagate religion and incentivised conversion. Arab countries significantly contribute towards these activities. Statistics says that 70% of land holdings in most districts of kerala are with the muslims. Its not just stats, i can see the happenings around, they are buying out land every where, there is a mosque here in every kilometer. 
The census stats shows that hindu and chirstian population is declining in kerala whereas muslim population is on significant increase. The muslims were never the ruling class in kerala so forced conversion was considerably less compared with what mughals did in northern india, but some forced conversion had happened whenever they got chance like the malabar revolution and the efforts by tipu sultan. Every one knows the muslims are reproductive machines of the nation and so has been the case with kerala. The thing with muslims is that they are consciously trying to increase the population dreaming to become a majority and to one day rule this country and may be to change its name. Planned violence against hindus on the lines of godhra carnage has happened in places like marad and other numerous instance of violence reported. The chopping of hand of a professors and all are the facts that points to the trend of religious intolerance. 
One of the recent trend that made news was muslim boys luring hindu girls for conversion. The issue would have never surfaced unless a victim girl filed a case. Things began to tumble out of the closet as similar instances began to be reported every where. The boys were given detailed instruction booklets about how to go about this business of luring girls from colleges and schools. They were given bikes, money, clothes and everything they needed to do this, an incentive of 1 lakh was provided for a sucessful conversion, and they could convert as many of them and atleast have 4 kids from each of them. They were also promised jobs in gulf for achieving this feat. A term called love jihad was coined for it. Untill it came in the open people didnt realised how rampant it was. 
Being a minority with 28% population strength gives them unparreled bargaining power, no political party can come to power in kerala with the support of muslim league. They have been given large tracts of government land to run their instituions, and they are given all the favours to have them on one’s side by both the marxist and the congress party. These heavily funded institutions are luring people into conversions by offering financial incentives. 
Finally we need to ask what lead to all this, i think it started with the gulf boom, when the muslims first went to these rich gulf countries they were enchanted with the life the arabs lived, so much money, so much power, multiple wifes all of them under control. The wish that most married men would want would be their wife to be obedient, just doing what ever is said to them, no useless demands, no makhachodi, no nakhra. A wife that could be controlled, how easy life would be, almost a jannat. So when these muslims went there they saw them having multiple wives, the wives that didnt fight, the wifes that didnt say anything unless asked to, the wife that never looked at other men, the wife that no other men could oogle at, saving on the boiling blood due to sexual jealousy, and they realised that its a better system, its better to have control over women, its better to keep them in viel, its better to limit their rights, and to do that they had a valid reason, they had their quran, they had their maulvis. And slowly they bought the system back home, they were now rich, they were now power full and had their women in purdah. And what they want to do is to become the majority, so they can continue to rule women for centuries to come, so that their sons could have the jannat they are having.. to have the power to control lives of their women. 
Its not wrong when the shastras says all the fights happen because of want of power and women. So the conculsion at this blog is that all the muslim jhafa that this world is facing today is not essentially because of the religion, its because of the women, they want their women to be controlled and all this religon is just a veil to cover that.
P.S. Wrote so much. Sometimes i wonder why do i take all this trouble to write, i feel like i m writing a composition in exam. Is there some thing in me that forces me to write. I m not quiet sure, may be i m just an introvert who needs to speak his mind.

Written by maya

March 17, 2011 at 1:28 pm

Posted in religion, uncommon

9 Responses

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  1. very good write up…lucidly explained what you had in mind…a few years back i too had read about people returnign from gulf trying to spread wahabism in india which is like the most fundamental form of islam.


    March 18, 2011 at 11:57 am

  2. @abhi thnx

    Uncommon Sense

    March 19, 2011 at 11:00 am

  3. uff u r back with your post mortem on as you say " muslim jhafa " … :Pbut i agree with ur PS .. cos thats what i read .. 🙂


    March 19, 2011 at 11:00 pm

  4. I have even seen in the rise of population of muslims in kerala but yes radicalization of religion is something I am against.Also don't like the idea of people taking their religion too seriously, especially wearing it on their sleeves all the time.

    The Survivor

    March 20, 2011 at 10:21 am

  5. @vici lekin there are new points in this..@survivor.. thts right, religion if atall they need to follow then they should keep it at their home..

    Uncommon Sense

    March 20, 2011 at 12:00 pm

  6. How unfair!!U dont have the rights to comment on a religion like that..Now I am a muslim, in your words, I would be a modern muslim,but I did not write this comment because i am one…and what you mentioned here about the political power and the religion racket may be true..But just because you do not like women wearing burkha, why do you criticize them? Let them wear what they want.. I think it is because of men like you admiring their beauty that they decided to be so.. Many women have told me that they feel so secure and comfortable in burqa.. and why do you bother if some men went to gulf,made money by working hard,came back and bought some land? If you had some money you too would have invested it some way right?? This sounds just like calling all muslims terrorists because there was a bin laden once upon a time…


    May 11, 2011 at 2:34 pm

  7. @zradar.. c u didnt oppose anything but the thing about women..thats what the conclusion i drew in this blog, its only about women.About the burkha man its just commonsense,, the burkha is not suitable for indian climate with all this humidity and on top of that its black in color.. in gulf there is only heat no humidity so there it might make sense..secondly as i mentioned that the burkha adoption was forced, nobody choose to wear burkha on their own, tradionally women wore clothes that were comfortable to the climate.No women in the world like to be in viel unless she is extremly ugly, every women has inherent desire to expose herself to the male..about the land it was just a reference to the prosperity..and thnx, i m glad that u commented..


    May 11, 2011 at 3:02 pm

  8. dear brother, why u want to tarnish a religion like this… ofcourse kerala muslims enjoy a better part of their life unlike other MUSLIMS of the world. its not because of any nonmuslims mercy. its because of their hardwork and determination. they brought money from outside and disperse it in kerala. in kerala aother communitIES are also doing well because of The money brought bY kerala muslimis and other nonmuslims NRI from abroad. KERALA will be an evils own country if muslims are not there…


    July 14, 2011 at 1:38 am

  9. Non muslims in kerala became a complaint box. They always crying about muslims are rich, muslims have power and so and so…. Just 30-35 years back muslims are not rich like today.(Look muslims in rest of india). Don't criticise them for thier relegious belives. Live with good minds, god will bless you, like us.


    August 9, 2011 at 1:13 pm

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