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For the last few weeks the most common search terms used for reaching this blog were “holi sex” sex on holi and  others, thou i dont have a very substantial post for satisfying their needs, will do it next time before holi if this blog still exists by then. Heard that they are drafting a new bill for bloggers, and blogs with inflamatiory and defamatory contents might get blocked and all that.. well i hope this blog is spared. Its 3 years of my work.

Parents went for ladki dekhing, these days i have not been accompanying them, i just let them filter out things then if both parties agree then i can go and see, well the first ladki that i saw recently ran away with her setting, lucky me..After the last ladki dekhing i m really tired and pissed off, after that parents went for some 4 to 5 ladkis lucky that i was spared the trouble. 
These days have been playing cricket, the game that i hate the most. Well i m the worst player they have got, but seems like i m improving. I have to do these boring things, because i need to connect with other people, as you know its hard for an introvert. But once i get used to people, i m fun. I would have avoided people in first place, but then one of the main purpose of life apart from spreading your genes is to have fun, to make small stories, because these stories are what makes life and for having stories and fun one needs friend. I m a fun loving person and its the only reason i m going thru this life else i would have taken sanyas long time before.

Last week we went to beach, I, CSN1, UNI and mama’s ladka S. Bought 8 beers and half green label. Drank in water, did masti, took videos and caught one of the most amazing funny video. UNI and CSN1 were doing some chutiya dance and gymnastics in water, and in one instance they bang their head together, CSN1 got a cut on the eye, 5 stitches and all. It was fun, and best of all we had a story and that too on video. When i grow old and unhappily married with useless childrens, i will be watching this videos and pictures and would realize i did had a life, and a good one at that. 
Today parents marriage anniversary, so buying mom a washing machine,,, no kaamvaalis system here. so have to buy this electricity consuming device. Its good to work, its a good exercise but she is getting old and with her history of illnesses i dont think too much load will be good. I wanted to buy a samsung galaxy tab leking from past experience i know, i would be playing with it for a few days and after that it will be lying idle in some corner, and moreover i have learnt to give priority to other people’s wishes than mine. It shouldnt be always about what i want…i guess i m getting old, now almost 60% of my hair has grown grey, one more reason to make me unmarriagable. Anyway let the life flow as it wants to.
Thou i generally dont give advises, but i would like to give one to my readers today. Dont leave any chance of having fun, dont leave any chance of making a story, no matter in what problem you might get into; once the problem is over, its always fun to remember it. Give the story a chance and have fun because you wont realise its importance today but later when you will have nothing to do but to look back at your life.. and at that time you shouldnt feel that you have wasted your life running after materialistic things.
Gd luck, Have fun


Written by maya

March 20, 2011 at 2:19 pm

3 Responses

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  1. For a change, even a general story is welcome. This post was more like a round-up, may be some more explosion is yet to come.And my tippani is also a general one, just so that the moods match!


    March 23, 2011 at 11:55 am

  2. a general post from a generalist i guess

    Uncommon Sense

    March 24, 2011 at 7:59 pm

  3. Maya, to great hai yaar. I like the little advice at the end of post. My life has very less of fun. Will try to add some.take careN


    March 31, 2011 at 2:20 am

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