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First of all my parents are very funny esp. my father. They are not originally funny but funny out of their stupidity. My father havent read a news paper in his whole life, and whenever he tries to watch news on tv i dont allow him. So he doesnt know anything about the world, and people think he must be very knowledgable and talk about politics and every day things, but he has no idea what they are talking about but still he would say something so that he wont sound stupid and thats what makes him stupid. He would say that he is an engineer retired from railway, well he did had a post of an engineer but he was just 10th pass, i dont know if thats commonplace but slowly through promoting and all he became an engineer, its another thing that he doesnt know anything about it. And he has this habbit of talking non stop, if he starts he never stops, i always sit beside him when he starts talking and i laugh a lot from inside.. One thing i remember is that he would watch cricket thou he doesnt like it, and my sister and me fight with him to change channel.. one day he gets angry and says because you people dont allow me watching cricket i dont have anything to talk about at office, everyone talks about cricket and i dont have anything to say.. now u understand what kind of person he is. he doesnt even know of cricket captain of india, yet he cries to watch cricket and falls asleep watching it. But he is a great great great story teller. The way he tells i mean it has a natural format, totally non linear story telling, which makes even the most boring stories very interesting, he obviously doesnt know about this talent and if he were to write stories or such thing it would be big hit. He speaks like all original story tellers, adds lot of masala, exaggerates every single thing.. Out of all the stories one i remember the most because it describes his story telling talents. 

The story goes as this..One day he was coming in scooter and a bee hit his eye. Thats the one line story but he took more than half an hour to narrate that, showing action about how he was driving and all the slow motion special effects about the approching bee, then how it hit his eye..the sound of hitting, the sound of scooter and traffic.. i means its like watching an actual movie. It was described in so much detail and with all the acting and all that he will put the special effects people of hollywood to shame. Me and my sister are never tired of listening to his stories, even thou he has repeated every story a 1000 times and with each repetation it is becoming smaller and smaller, the details getting lost some where in his memories. My sister never fails to add that extra which he has forgotten. She herself is a big story teller, and her main interest is narrating the stories of the movies that she had seen. She takes more time than the actual movie takes to complete, and once she has narrated the story i m never able to watch that movie, i mean that bad is her narration. Being a listener they both are very happy with me, because i can listen anything, even to the most boring of talks, and from these talks i steal small nuggets of information that gets stored in my brain for ever. They will all come out some day, in some form or the other. 
My mother and me are similar in everything except her brain, she has got a weird brain, the dumb blondes kind of brain, she acts very stupid. Maybe the dumbness comes because she is very beautiful. But she is very good at understand the basics, she has been very supportive of me always, and she actually does understand what i mean to say, she is the only person other than me who thinks that i would be rich one day. I think its the same with most mothers,,
There are out now, hunting for a girl for me, and they are hell bent on find a good looking girl. I already told them i just need an average one, but they say its a matter of their pride, what will the gaon waalas say, they will say that since u are ugly and dont have a job and are unmarriagable see what kind of ugly girl he has got, and people will talk about our incapability of finding you a good girl. And then as an after thought my mother would add, but you are not ugly people just perceive you to be ugly. Since you roam around like a bikhari without talking care of yourself people are thinking like that..i say yeaahh.. mom.
During the LD#2 thing, we were sitting at their home, after seeing the girl and all. Every one was standing around and all, the girl was standing right in front of me. At that time my father asks me in front of every one, do u like the girl. Now i was in a fix, i mean how can i say right now, these things can be talked about later, then we can inform them over phone right. I said i will tell later, but he keep nudging me, say now, i mean how can i say now, if i say i dont like in front of every one then the girl will feel bad, and if i say yes and the girl doesnt like me then the girl will think.. yeh this chodu likes me, what aukaad does he have to like me, see how ugly he is, his body like an amoeba, formless, i wonder if he has any bones in his body. Then after my father has stopped prodding because i sat like a stone totally ignoring him… my mother starts from the other side, making ishaaras with her face asking did i like it.. A gush of laughter ran thru my body seeing her making funny faces, i understood that she was asking if i liked the girl, but the way she was making her face was so funnny and nowhere in any respect correlates to what she was asking. i was very angry at that time, and yet the same time feeling like laughing at their chutiyagiri. 
Then after they come back, my father whose mouth is non stop and is only finding for a reason to talk.. will narrate all the incident to every one, he will go to each house and tell the whole story a 100 times over, every one just goes for LD and nobody knows about it, but my story of ladki dekhing is the laughing story of the village thanks to my father, everyone whom i know and dont know ask the same thing, what happened of the girl that you went for ladki dekhing, confused about which girl they are referring, i say it didnt work out. And like stupids they would ask why,, but i find these things funny, thou i m troubled by their behavior but its good, let them do chutiyagiris, its actually funny.. let the gaonwalas laugh and let me laugh…

Written by maya

March 24, 2011 at 1:18 pm

Posted in personal diary

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  1. What are you trying to say… defaming your parents…. :/

    Asma Khan

    March 24, 2011 at 7:15 pm

  2. i m just talking about my parents,, i dont think i m defaming anyone..i m just speaking my mind..

    Uncommon Sense

    March 24, 2011 at 7:58 pm

  3. hmmm


    March 25, 2011 at 12:12 am

  4. most of my stories came from my father too 🙂 though that was a long time back…when i was a kid.


    March 25, 2011 at 11:53 am

  5. abhi.. he doent tell story now to us, but i get to listen, when he is narrating to other..


    March 25, 2011 at 9:23 pm

  6. As children grow up they tend to find their parents humorous…

    The Survivor

    March 27, 2011 at 10:53 pm

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