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Blogging seems to be totally a dead thing, the fad seems to be over, the whole blog world seems to be dull now and because of this i dont feel like blogging either, and some how my uncommoness is gone, it just died some how. Life has been ok, the ladki dekhing thing still continues to be a problem, though i knew it wont be so easy, but i generally dont have the capacity to go through this kind of things, everytime i had been faced with a problem i have always found out some other route and totally ignored the problem, but this problem will persist.

Sister was here, so it was fun, listened to all her stories, she did bak bak non stop and being a listener it was all good, people gel with me easily because of me being a listener, every one likes to talk and they are glad when they find someone who is really interested to know what they are saying.. K called just like that to know haal chaal, talking with him was fun, he is the most entertaining guy u will find when he is not drunk, really helpful guy but the moment he drinks he becomes the most harami person. 
This time we all 4 went for ladki dekhing, it was actually funny. The girl was ok types, but very fair, i just pictured my self sucking her boobs how would it look to her, it would look like a saap renging on marble. I knew before hand that it is not going to work, we business people can predict with respectable accuracy, because thats what business is about, its about prediction and placing the bets based on that. I wont go in detail describing the process but this time it was a bit different because they allowed to talk separately, it was for the first time. It had lot of newness in it for me. There also happened a funny incident, my father started talking in hindi assuming that they would not know hindi, i told my father to stop since every one knows hindi to a manageable level, suddenly he replied in malayalam “will this budhiya also know hindi” pointing to the girls grand mother, we started laughing and it stuck my father that he had spoken in malayalam and the granny started looking in anger at my father. As expected it didnt work, the girl said she didnt like me, what the fuck, i tell you guys, this is all bechonding on part of the girl, she must be having some setting and because of that she is rejecting all guys, and since they dont want to make it obvious they allow ladkas to come and see her then reject them, she is doing mcom and is studying in some outside place, which itself makes it obvious that she will have a setting, all mallu girls have setting, its kind of a compulsory thing and they hardly end up marrying them. will do a separate post on the whole marriage scenario, actually have been wishing to do that since a long while but feeling too bored to use my brain.
Vishu is the mallu new year day, first time here during this festival, crackers are burst like diwali we have in north india. Here ofcourse its customary to be tight during all festivals, so B had arranged for 2 army ka brandy since the line at the liquor shop was unimaginable. Everyone drinks brandy here while for the rest of india whiskey is the staple drink, i dont know why is that, especially the climate being so hot and humid brandy is not the right drink. We 6 people went to nehar and sat on the bridge drinking, it was fun. Also there is this great guy here, an school teacher who likes to hang out with young people, he is really a fun guy, i like to listen to him..listening to stories while drinking is my hobby.. thou I and UNI had decided to do some chutiya giri after getting drunk, none happened. UNI is a nice guy, he is young but has the sense of adventure and fun in him. Once cousin 2 is here it will become a gand phadu jodi; me, UNI and CSN2, much better than they i had back in gujarat, thou i would be missing R1; he was one hell of a fun guy, we both were adventurers, always looking for trouble.. we made great stories. the stories which still remains untold.


Written by maya

April 17, 2011 at 11:27 am

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  1. ya u r right ..blogging has died it seems …micro-blogging has become more popular may be !!! 😦


    April 18, 2011 at 3:08 pm

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