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This post is in response to darshan’s post on morality. What are morals? is a question, a person who had a lot of free time would generally ask, i mean the philosopher types, everyone has a philosopher in them, its just that some people are introvert and they get more time to think, or their life had been pretty much empty with no-setting or maal pani like that. In modern terminologies we can also call them losers.

Will start from childhood so that you would get a better perspective on its development. As a child we are all haramis, apparently because our mind is unable to process that every action has consequences. People say children are good, cute and mann k sacche, i dont really subscribe to that.. i think childrens are super haramis, for hells sake they are human kids, they are bound to be mean.

My sister describes about how she and her friend used to kick a guy on face daily, who used to sit between them in class, she was referring to it as she recently got a friend request from that guy, and she wonders why she did that.. I myself have been a victim of bullying in school, and i m pretty much sure if i were not being bullied i would have been bullying someone else. Schools are this dirty place, where this human dragons are taught to be more meaner and more evil so that they could face the grownup meaner world.

We did had this moral education subject which all Christian schools have to run their god propaganda. They had stories about how bad things happen to you if you steal, or lie or shit like that. That god will punish you for bad deeds, its apparent that it wasnt having any effect on the class. We are always fed with ideas of morality from childhood to adulthood in the form of warning from parents “not to lie”, in form of stories, in form of our Epics, in form of movies and everything, we are made to believe that good always wins over evil, taking the right path is always a better option.

By the time we are adult, most of us have our model code of ethics or morality. We consider ourselves as moral beings, how much of this moral is ingrained, and how much of its taught, and how rational is it to believe in morality is the question.

I believe morals are product of fear. The simple equation is that we are moral because we are afraid. I never believed in copying, not because i had better moral standards, its just that i was afraid of the consequences of getting caught, i did try to copy from a chit i carried once, but i found it to be much harder than studying, i didnt have problem studying i just didnt like studying.
My father was recently claiming that in spite of being in a position to make lot of money via bribe he never took bribes, i just countered it by saying its because you were afraid of getting caught, after giving it a thought he did agree.

Morals are result of our fear of getting caught, we dont steal because we are afraid of getting caught, later on that becomes a principle and becomes part of your personality but the very origin of it lies in fear.

From an evolutionary point of view when men began settling in groups, there might have been frequent fights, slowly they started to realize that if they did something bad to some one, they will always be revenged, they might be on the receiving end of their wrath. Soon humans realized the importance of acting good just out of the fear of the consequences. The law of karma works naturally, if you do bad to people, people will do bad to you, if you do good, they will do good. Our every good action is in hope of getting better kickbacks from people, we do good because we want to be perceived as a good person, our every action has an expectation.

Thus we conclude that morals are based on common sense and its a survival instinct. We as humans would have killed each other if not for the fear of repercussions. Morals dont come from teaching, neither do they come from religion, it comes from fear and human ability to understand cause and effect, the people who are ready to take risk will always have a sub-standard moral. And morals will always depend on risk perception an individual has,

Thou i dont lie, cheat or hurt other humans by way of speech or action in real life. But at the same time i do a business that has questionable morals, i do try my best to hurt people’s sentiments through this blog. What i want to express here is that, an individual justifies his actions and models his moral standards according to what is enjoyable and profitable to him. Just for an example if i claim myself to be such an animal lover i shouldnt be eating non-veg right?, yet i will give some justification to myself and others. On one hand i go in great lengths about how bad humans are and animals are far better on the same hand i m killing and eating them, i dont even leave a tortoise. I m totally on the wrong side but if anyone argues that, i will not only defend myself but i will certainly win the argument even thou i might be wrong.

What do you understand by this. Dont believe what my blog says, i write shit just for the sake of it, i dont hardly mean what i say, its just to amuse you people. I just try to give you a new perspective. You can just treat me as someone with multiple split personality. As i had said earlier, the views might be mine but i may not necessarily subscribe to them. Because over the time i have realized none of it matters.. you are just shit because you are a human.

man! i some times confuse myself.


Written by maya

May 6, 2011 at 4:53 pm

Posted in uncommon

6 Responses

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  1. nice

    AbhiLaSH RuHeLa

    May 7, 2011 at 1:25 am

  2. hmmm.. all i can say is i hate morals …n the forced distinction between good n bad!


    May 7, 2011 at 2:59 pm

  3. Morality is a code of conduct, something that humans have enforced on humans. There is no good or bad, everything is relative so that humans can be free to interpret. To think we are shit is a good excuse. I feel we can get over that, and try to challenge ourselves. There is fun in challenging human lives … all of it.


    May 7, 2011 at 5:40 pm

  4. I have a slightly different take on morality. It's basically ORDER vs. CHAOS. Morality was ingrained in society to introduce ORDER, to counter CHAOS. Personal order, familial order, social order, communal order, national order and now international order. A semblance of order was, and still is necessary for human survival and progress. If everybody acted as per their "animal instincts" and urges, then most of the time humans would spend looting, raping, fighting and killing each other. There would be little progress in life and society; chances of survival of the human species would be very very bleak.Morality is just another term for actions which curb our animal passions and actions; in order to encourage peace, order and stability. Say in a totally amoral world — I steal something from you; you get angry and hit me; I kill you in return; your friend would kill me in return, and the cycle of chaos, killing and violence would continue.. Somewhere down the line people must have realized the futility of chaos. Over the millenia, people realized the futility, frustration and hopelessness, and waste of energy and lives caused due to chaos or immorality, and thus "morality" was born. All these "religions" are nothing but "order enforcing doctrines" to control the animal passions residing in humans and human societies. Hence, morality = doctrine of human social order.


    May 7, 2011 at 8:14 pm

  5. @locut.. well thats the same thing i m saying here,


    May 8, 2011 at 12:55 pm

  6. Have not read the other guy's post but will say that morality does not arises out of fear.It's about knowing the difference about what is right or wrong that's it. Taking the higher road when it feels right.It's another matter today that we expect others to have moral values today seldom do we follow it ourselves.

    The Survivor

    May 8, 2011 at 11:46 pm

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