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Two months from now, i will complete a year here. I still feel alienated, i still dont feel properly connected to this place. Cousin2 came from kuwait, after that things have been more fun, have been drinking regularly which basically means things are going good.

Sister’s engagement is next month, yeh with the same guy that came with us here last time. She now stays in ernakulam and guy lives in pune, a rare long distance relationship that worked.

They will be coming here for engagement, they guy is basically from West Bengal. Have always maintained that mallus and bengalis are very similar people, so there wont be much issues. The only problem i can think of is that my father and that guys father would end up fighting, because they both seem to be very similar people, i mean both are bundlebaaz, they wont allow each other to speak.

On the business front things are going dilly dallying, things have become very unpredictable and i m not sure if my only dream – of becoming rich will ever fructify.

Parents are getting ready now, to see some ladki, as you can see that i dont accompany them anymore. Thou i have told them not to see any more girls for the time being, need to get rich before marrying, else things might get out of control. But they dont trust me anymore, and i myself am very doubtful. And a mallu parent will never let their girl marry someone without a job security. But then thats the truth with every entrepreneur’s life, we only hear about stories of sucessful entrepreneurs but there are millions of others who fail, and fail miserably, the world doesnt know about them.

If i keep writing, it will get too long, because there is a huge back log of things that i want to say, i m not an open person, i dont share my feeling, i have never bared my heart.. which is somehow an ideal condition to be a blogger because sharing with people i dont know is much easier..

So thats it, over and out.


Written by maya

August 21, 2011 at 11:40 am

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  1. best wishes for yu and yur sister….


    August 22, 2011 at 9:56 am

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