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Being overtly rational has its side effects because rationality depends on what you know rather than what the actual fact is. I had this belief that looking good is something that women have to do, and it was not very necessary for men to be good looking, they just need to make money, apparently i was to be proved wrong.

A brief introspection into the history of man kind reveals how it became important for not only women but men to have good looks. In prehistoric days, beauty of a women revealed better genes, thus men were naturally attracted to them and women choose only those men who were physically strong and well endowed, thats where women’s fixation to muscled guys come from. Having a strong companion in those days not only resulted into better offsprings but also provided security to the mother and the child, the keyword here being security. Thats where women’s inclination to strong built man comes, and attraction towards a big penis is an offshoot of that.

As times progressed having a strong body was not an important criteria in providing security, the world had became more complex and money became the deciding factor, you could have a bunch of strong men by your side if you have money, and money became the sole factor for mate selection. Money now provided the security, comfort and optimal upbringing for one’s offspring.  I was still living on this thought but things changed and i wasnt able to update my thoughts. Money was a result of intelligence and talent, thats why women are attracted by intelligence and talent, because an intelligent or talented person has good chance to make it big in life, as you can assume that our old cave painter didnt increase his chance in mating game by impressing girls with his paintings, but our painter and poet friends today can certainly do that to some extent.

But apparently the world changed further, with the rise of feminism women were now for the first time able to provide security for themselves. Now men were not required for their security plugin. So this led to change in the mating game again, thou richness, intelligence are still a valid reason for better prospect but it doesnt remain as important as it was before. Thus women evolved further, and started looking further to the security of a government job.

Now women didnt intend to fill a gap, they needed something good looking to spend their time with, thus it became important to look good for men too. The game has democratically settled finally on packaging rather than content, in a world that increasingly runs on aesthetics. How apple suddenly became the worlds second largest company only behind exxon-mobil in market capitalization is a testimony to that. The reason why apple suddenly became attractive is because of this collective consciousnesses of realization and acceptance of all things good looking. The only criteria in todays world whether for mate selection or product selection is good looks, whether its automobiles, electronics or people. Its not unrelated when you think why all these years fairness cream companies never thought of making a men’s fairness cream while they have been happy churninng out women’s fairness cream. Because thats how it is, we change collectively as a species.


Written by maya

September 1, 2011 at 11:26 am

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    September 8, 2011 at 3:24 am

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