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Yeh it has been a while and if i say i had been busy i wont be lying,  i certainly was busy but i m never too busy to not do what i want, which means if i wanted to write i would have written anyway. So wont give any excuses on that front.

As i mentioned in earlier post about sisters engagement and stuff, yeh the engagement got over, it was the first event in our family that we had to manage on our self, we never had any other event that i could remember of, there certainly were marriages and deaths of close relatives of which we shared responsibility but this was an event the onus of which was totally upon us, we the family of four.

Boy’s parents, his brother and grand father came for the event from their side and we had made the arrangement of their staying at our own house, much to the dismay of the gaon walas, which certainly is against tradition. But then somehow we are exempted since we are new to this place and people think we are rich thou we are not, as it is nobody points a finger at the rich people. Rules and traditions dont apply to them.

Secondly it was an intercaste marriage, thou a very literate state caste rules are pretty strict here. My uncle was saying that nobody will attend the engagement ceremony because of it being intercaste marriage, my father was worried about that, but rest of us were sure that it wont be an issue, well we were proved right and everyone did attend, may be just for the novelty of the event, since it was the first intercaste marriage of our village and that too with a non mallu. Things went fine.

Ceremony was held at a restaurant, and sister looked beautiful. I think i forgot to tell that brothers are twin, which makes an conductive environment to run many experiments but sadly didnt get much time for that, but made for a good observation and it was fun figuring out the differences in their characters.

They were nice people, the father of the guy or should say my sala was very much like my father – an actor and a bundle baaz, grand father was cute, and his mother was silent like me. They all shouted on each other very much like my family. Everyone has an anger problem in my family too apart from me, the only time i remember me being angry was in my school days.

Also there was something i wanted to write a post about specifically but couldnt make up my mind to do it, not because it was something corny just that i was not in a mood to write. Its about making desi daru at home, we spent a good amount of time after cousin came from kuwait making desi daru, first we made from grapes and it was a success, second time with grapes and other fruits, we made 4 or 5 times with the same receipe, then we tried to make vodka with potatoes which failed terribly, then just pure desi with nothing but jaggery which failed again, then again with grapes which failed. Seems like it was all begginers luck, as we made more we failed more.. which apparently bought an end of that phase. One thing is that it tasted too good, i liked it a lot. But it didnt gave the kick as much as the IMFL. It was basically fun and a learning experience thou it involved a lot of work and continuous monitoring.

If i had written in time the post would have been much more detailed, i ofcourse didnt mention about the visit to the beach along with their and our family, and the daru drinking and other stuffs, i wouldnt have written but just thought should leave a book mark at this stage of life, just for the sake of remembrance

K called he said he is going to kenya or nigera, good for him.

Thats it, over and out.


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September 24, 2011 at 11:17 am

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