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Finally, i realized if i dont do it now, i wont be able to do it ever. I have been always avoiding responsibility but it wont be possible anymore.. I need to grow business, i have tried enuf to keep it small so that i m not burdened with responsibility or fearing that i will have to live a routine life like everyone else, and i have realized there is no such method to not take responsibility and at same time making money, to make money you have to be responsible, and i do want to make money and a lot of it..

My dream of roaming the country which i have pushed aside again and again cant be ignored anymore, i need to start an office and i need to get married and before i do that i will have to take this trip.. as i have always said to my mom i will someday go away in “satya ki khoj” and she was always worried about that..

So finally the time has come, i have booked tickets today to coimbatore from there to mettupalayam and finally would take the toy train to ooty.. You may ask why ooty, i dont know either.. but there is a strong feeling inside me that says there is something in ooty, some lesson, some experience, some revelation that i will find there.. or may be its the old movies, esp andaz apna apna that has led me to this choice.. a lot of timeless mallu movies are shot here.. some of the scenes and places have got super stuck in my heart.. i need to visit these places..

For the first time will be travelling alone to a tourist place, i have always seen those videshi tourists travelling alone.. i have always wondered how it would feel to do that, travelling without company, nobody to talk to, nobody to share your enjoyment..

I consider this as epic decision, i still dont know where  i would go from there, i have booked no return tickets.. and the fun part i dont have any money.. have only 3k in the bank,, just the thought of it makes me excited, roaming in ooty without money, where will i sleep, may be on railway station, would the police shoo me away, would they put in lockup.. it will be fun.. and it will be just a start… i dont know when i will be back, but plan to be back in first week of january..  tickets i have booked for 25th october, 23rd is my bday.. and this trip of getting lost, without any contact with anyone is my birthday gift.. a stepping stone to 31st year of my life.. This indeed is my most significant experiment..

I have made up my mind to do it, to roam without money like a bhikari. May be will have to live at some ashram, also have to go to haridwar, rishikesh i have always wanted to go there.. keeping my fingers crossed, the ride is just about to start.


Written by maya

October 10, 2011 at 3:14 pm

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  1. Good luck.

    Darshan Chande

    October 15, 2011 at 10:54 am

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