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Seems like wordpress has changed its interface or i m doing something wrong or in a different way, i seem to b growing stupid.
Anyway its thursday now, ooty i will be leaving for ooty for my epic trip, its epic on a personal level, because i havent done anything like this before. And if i think of the reason behind this decision i could say there is none or if i think a bit i could write a whole kattha chitha of things that have inspired me to take this decision, not all the reasons have been an inspiration some of the prime factors have been just coincidental.. like every decision i take with starting new businesses this was also done in a spurt of a moment without thinking about anything..
In last to last post i mentioned about going ladki dekhing and that ladki was gandu beautiful, was obvious she wouldnt agree. But my parents like everytime expected it to work, and then when it didnt work out, they started eating my head.. they talked all the shit about my work, me not taking care of myself, i being lazy and clumsy and that shit got over my head and i just decided i need to go, it would have been more dramatic if i just ran away from home, but thats what school kids do, it wouldnt suit me, so i just decided to go some where and it turned out to be ooty, i have seen lot of mallu movies shot in ooty, and being a big mallu movie fan i decided its ooty then..
There is not a single reason for this decision there are multiples and prime among it is my desire to roam the country which i had mentioned in this blog numerous times, the current decisions were just a trigger to finally take this call.
There are many things you would have want to do, but the time to take that decision is decided by various other factors.
Also on october 2 i completed 1 year at this place, and nothing worth mentioning has happened over the past year, i have choosen uncommon things yet i have led a predictably common life the graph of my life is almost stable, and i dont like it that way, i want it to swing between happiness and sadness, boredom and adventure, poverty and richness.. but none of it is happening apart from a few moment of adventures when we would go to some river or sea or when we gamble other than these minor things there are no happy moment..
I cant handle this predictablity i want something different to happen with my life, its good or bad i dont care, i just want it to be drastic and shocking.. i need some kind of shock to wake me up from this mediocrecity, i m just too tired and bored of being bored and tired..
So i will be going out in the open, in the field so that something random would happen, i will go out and stand in an open ground without money, direction or objective then will wait.. keep waiting till something hits me, some thing really bad, good or weird happens with me, when i come back i need to have a story with me, i need to have an experience to remember.. i have to shock myself and shock everybody around..
My decision to take this random journey has already been a mild shock to me and the people around, but this shock is not enuf, something really unexpected should happen, may b i should join naxals or terrorists, or should rob some bank or something… or may be just marry a prostitute and bring her home… some thing really weird should happen..
The decision to do this also in some part owns it to a book called haunted by chuck palahanuik, the book has inspired me in some ways, its kind of book that i would have written… i could relate to the idea that this author is putting forward, i had a similar thought whole my life…

Also threesome uncle has been calling, i told him i might come, i m not sure i would go, there is no way i could get a reservation and on top of that the trains would be all crowded due to festive rush, most probably i wont go.

Finally as i had said before, its all about the story, i simply ask do you like the story of your life, will you like to read your life;s story if its has been published, would you like to watch a movie based on your life.. if yes then good for you, if not then you need to make your life more readable.. thats exactly what i m trying to do.. to make a good story.. but it will depend on what eventually happens, i m going out and giving fate a chance to do something weird with me.. and i hope i can be out for a long enuf time, i m afraid i would run out of courage and be back before the money runs out.. but i will try not to run.. i will try to stay till the money runs out, till i have no shed over my head,till i feel the hunger and do something i wouldnt have done other wise, should try to stop being comfortable..

Sunday is my birthday, 2 days from then i will be leaving what a great timing. On diwali i will reach ooty i hope.  And do diye zyaada jalao.. happy diwali.

Over and out, gd luck.


Written by maya

October 20, 2011 at 12:08 pm

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