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1982 – 2011 , Happy birthday to me

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How much is that 1982 to 2011 29 or 30 something, i m so bad with numbers that i cant even calculate my age.. I assume its 30.
I spent 30 years? man thats really insane, thats so many years. 30 years means i am an uncle.. but why dont i feel like one, neither i must be looking that old, even my mooch have not grown properly.. but 30? too muchi oldie..
Infibeam people are real chodus, i ordered a book last friday still havent received the delivery, i now have no book to take on the trip, which is day after tomorrow.
Now i will have to buy it on the way, will buy from coimbatore it will act as a souvenir . I hope ooty is not very crowded due to this festival chuttis, anyway who will go to ooty on diwali day? but south indians could go, diwali is not really important for south indians, a few decades back  most south indians were unaware of any festival called diwali or in a more south indianish tongue dipawali.
Bought a big bag like that of videshi tourists, videshi tourists are my inspiration, awesome people, roaming a country like india that too alone needs a lot of guts, even indians get confused if they go to any other city…
I hope i could find a cheap hotel cant spend more than 300 per day in total, to begin with i have only around 2300 rupees now. But some money is coming next week till then i will have to manage.. i need to get a really really cheap hotel, i hope there is some ashram kind of thing.. I never travelled without enuf money, this is going to be new. At this stage i cant stop working, so will be carrying laptop and will work remotely, yeh its a luxury my work offers, i could just travel my whole life along with working if i wish to,  its not much just an hour per day, also have hired cousin’s wife as an assistant so she will take care of most of the boring shit..
Might have to go to threesome uncle too but trains would be very crowded due to diwali vacations, no i cant do it, may be will do it.. i dont know..
I dont want to plan anything.. only things that i know about this trip is, whereever i go i need to find cheap lodging, the cheaper it gets the more time i will get to live outside and experiement.. Since i never did a job, i dont know if i will be able to find a job in urgent scenarious. Job would be a good experience, but then i dont have any skills that are employable.. may be will have to do waitergiri or something, which again will be good experience wise.
So thats it, this is the pre-trip post, will blog on the move.. and tweeting will be regular.. I just hope this trips turns out to be experiment i wish it to become. I hope  It brings some change and unpredictability  in my life, it takes me on to a weird path, something really weird or unexpected is what i m expecting.. let things happen.

happy birthday to me..


Written by maya

October 23, 2011 at 10:27 am

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  1. wish you a very happy birthday 🙂 have a blast


    October 23, 2011 at 2:21 pm

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