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Day 1, Coimbatore

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In-spite of every one saying dont go, i went ahead and took the early morning train, reached here some half hours back. Nothing new happened but saw a women’s titties, she was feeding her kid then forgot to put her tities back in the blouse, funny.

Staying at the railway dormitory in coimbatore station itself since have to catch the train to metupalaym early in the morning at 5, its a gareeb type dormitory with plastic separation panel could hear the two guys talking in the next cubicle.

I dont know but i m in some kind of trance, as a person this trip is out of my character, i dont do such things, but alas i m doing it.. i m getting a strange kind of feeling as if this is just a dream.. dont know but it feels good, to roam, which was always a dream and i myself doubted of it being realized ever but its finally getting realized, will reach ooty tomorrow, will have to find super cheap place to stay, since i am on a limited budget, good if i could find a room as a pg or something for a month.. because on daily rent basis i dont have money to last even a week, and this trip should not be so short.. if i want things to happen i will have to stay out in the open, stay vulnerable to events for a longer period of time.

Will go out after sometime, will buy a paperback, roam the city for a while, then get to a bar and do what all drunkards are supposed to do, get back early get a good sleep. I hope there are no bed bugs, the last time i was in a railway dormitory in kollam it was full of bed bugs.

It just rained a while ago, hope it doesnt rain again.

over and out


Written by maya

October 25, 2011 at 6:27 pm

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