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Day 2: confused in ooty

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It has been only a day and i m feeling home sick and tired, yesterdays excitement diedout as soon as i reached the destination, destinations are always disappointing.. when love begins as a journey it is full of excitement but once you attain love.. it looks boring and unwanted.. same way with fame and money.. the journey to attain them often is more exciting once you attain them you realize that you want more or it was not something that you want.. thats what you see in love marriages as soon as the marriage is realized the destination arrived.. nothing remains what remains is just a relationship that is name sake.

I tell you i was all excited till i reached here, till i settled in a hotel, the moment i set my bag and got on the bed, i was again all confused, what now was the question.. i m still not sure what i will be doing now.. travelling all the way back, with 3 break journeys of which i have no idea and no reservation sounds like a big headache. Now i think  it would have been better if i stayed home, i m just roaming in the city here.. nothing exciting in it.. No its not about being alone, if i had someone accompanying me still i would have felt bored and home sick.

Last night in coimbatore went to a bar, it happened to be a bit mehanga bar, 3 pegs and 700 gone, what a waste. Slept early and thus my sleep broke at around 1 or 2 am then couldnt sleep, just kept thinking about stuffs. Then caught a train to mettupalayam at 5, then from mettupalayam caught the nilgiri express that toy train to here, it ate up a good 4 hours. It was good with lot of sight seeing, and was lucky enuf to have 3 couples around me, and they proved to be a good subject for observation. 2 bengali couples, the females were shayad sisters and their husbands, nice group, they could have group sex, it would be very compatible. And another gujju couple, where ever you go there will always be a gujju couple, the bhabhi was how hot maal. Its been a while since i saw a gujju maal, she had a facecut of my threesome aunty.

Walked a lot before zeroing on this lodge, its good, its a new building so toilet and everything is clean. Interestingly there is no fan in this room, may b they figured that a fan will not be needed because of the cold, but in summers i dont think it would be much cold here.. it was raining mostly today, so that was kinda annoying.

Mastubated today watching some porn on laptop, TV is crap mostly all tamil channels even discovery and natgeo and history are in tamil.

Might masturbate again thinking about that gujarti bhabhi, i forgot to think about her early today, there is something about hotels that makes you hornier, i dont know may be its because of the journey or something, or because of being alone.

So thats how things stand as of today, dont know about tomorrow, also kindoff have told threesome uncle that i would be there, but taking such a long train journey and that too without reservation, and then staying at their home, and having to become a sex machine without choice at night troubles me.. i do want to fuck her.. but the associated troubles pulls me back.

Lets see what happens tomorrow, i dont have a faintest of idea about what i m going to do tomorrow.

Its diwali and most eateries and shops are closed today, will go out at 8 and try to find some food, hope it doesnt rain.

over and out


Written by maya

October 26, 2011 at 8:30 pm

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  1. Loved the post!! Hilarious!

    Harini Prabhakar

    October 30, 2011 at 12:16 pm

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