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The worse it gets, the better it is..

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Because i m nuts i have a theory that is pretty much different from what most people would agree to, i believe the worse the things gets the better it is, better not in immediate sense but as a whole… since i consider life as just a story i like it to be peppered with good and bad moments equally.. thats what happened.. a bad thing happened that made me happy, really happy.

So continuing from the last post i came back from ooty long time back, i had thought of doing things differently on the trip but nothing exciting happened and i was bored then cousin called he said he is coming of calicut the next day, for some work and if i would like to join him.. so i joined him there and decided to return along with him, he was shocked to see me bald.. yeh i had shaved my head in coimbatore just because i wanted something different, we came back on the way we stopped at Mahe.. its was a french colony part of pondicherry but many kilometers away from it, its near kannur and it known for low taxes on liquor so we bought some stuffs and bootleggoed them back home.

We again went to Mahe a few days later to buy some more stuffs, and came back successfully without being caught. Well its always exciting to do something that is against the law, i dont fucking believe in any law, its just because of the rebel streak in me.. the fear of being caught is very thrilling, it feels like we are in a movie..

After that cousin left his job as he got another job in kuwait and would be heading back there soon, so he was home all the time.. so he, me and UNI spent a lot of time together, going fishing and stuff during day time and everynight we got drunk and went some place or other.. One day we went for this theyyam event and gambled i suffered the biggest loss of 1800rs.. we gambled for a few more days, then we started gambling ourselves and few other guys from our village came to gamble with us,, and it was all fun.

One night we got drunk and visited UNI’s bachpan ka pyaar ka ghar, he still loves her but she has become a flirt and keeps changing boyfriends.. so he was drunk and he said i want to do something, so he writes some letter with gaalis and sticks to her door.. well i dont really subscribe to that, but i dont interfere in other people’s matter either.. let them do whatever they want.. and after all its fun and exciting..

Due to daily drinking and raat mein ghooming money was running out and one day we fell short of petrol, so we decided to steal some petrol. Its nothing new i and R1 had done it back in gujarat during our college days, whenever we used to go on adventure trips we were always short of money, so we stole petrol for our journey.. it was fun, so when cousin suggested stealing petrol i said ok.. as you can see i like risky stuffs, i dont do it myself.. he does the stealing and i just look out if someone is coming.. first day we stole from the parking lot of railway station and the mission was successfull we filled the petrol tank to the brim..

Then we started doing that frequently and finally day before yesterday was the climax, the day we got caught stealing petrol. As usual we drank, again on the way we drank at the bar and reached railway station and started stealing and filled the tank to the brim. And the madarchod that my cousin is he said he will fill an extra bottle and keep it. I have been warning him all the time before that too, we should just steal 1 liter, we are doing it for fun we are not theives,, but the fact is that he is a thief .. i let him do what ever he wanted.. as you know i dont interfere.

I took the vehicle and stood at a distant saying u do whatever u want i said, i m standing outside. So i and UNI stood at a distance with vehicle and he continued stealing, well he was caught by a police men.  From distance i could see there is some locha and i went near them to check it out while UNI sat near the vehicle. Now the police man called the jeep and they took cousin in it, then i could see in distance that UNI is running leaving the vehicle and 2 people are chasing him.

I went near the vehicle and at that time the public caught me, already there was lot of commotion and bheed had gathered and people started asking me questions and suddenly someone slapped me, then hands fell all over me like rainfall.. i tell you i was smiling inside.. i was really liking it.. i was wishing for things to get worse, i said finally i m getting a story.. something interesting is happening.. i was getting beaten by the public and there are people who are recording this on their mobile phones, that was the only time i was getting worried,  i was like what if they give it to the local news channel, what if they post it on youtube.. and becomes on of the most watched video.. what if i see this video on someone’s wall tomorrow on fb.. but still i was happy, happy that i m experiencing something new..

Then the police jeep came took me to the police station, cousin was sitting there already. We slept the night there, no not in a lockup, they just arranged some benches and made us sleep there.  They called our home and informed. Early morning my father and cousin2 came.. along with some politician with connection. Case was not filed, 2 bottles of liquor were given to them for the favor.

Then heard scolding from everyone at home, then met UNi and heard his part of story. As he was running 2 people caught hold of him and were dragging him back to the railway station, beating him along the way.. suddenly he pushed them and managed to run, he ran across the railway track and fell.. well he fell on shit.. shit was all over his hand.. he said “i fell on the track and felt something sticky on my hand, i smelled and realized it was shit, so i cleaned my hand on the tshirt” we laughed , we asked why would you clean it on theh tshirt.. he said he was drunk, worried and it was dark.. nothing came to his mind so he did that by some instinct, he doesnt know why he did it.. then he found a tap and cleans his hand and drinks water from there.. and keeps walking for a good 3 to 4 kilometers, he didnt had any money.. then he called a rikshawwala from our village and he doesnt picks the call, he tries repeatedly and finally connects and he comes back home.. when he is home his dog starts barking at him, he gets so annoyed by the barking that he pees on the dog… yeh so UNI gets the best story.. again. He is a fun chutiya guy, thats why i like him, he makes a lot of story.. which is good for him.

So thats it, we wont be drinking now for a few day, and wont be getting out of home.. anyway it was getting too much and i was tired. The news is full in the village and everyone we meet is going to ask the same thing, so u guys were stealing petrol?.. cousin made stories at home that we were not stealing actually, it was their misconception because of which we got caught.. i didnt say anything cousin did the talking, well i dont lie.. and i cant tell the truth.

No matter how things get, how bad the story goes,, it hardly matters as long as you are going to have an happy ending. The worse the things gets the better, because when it gets over the relief that you get is priceless..


Written by maya

December 6, 2011 at 12:02 pm

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