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This is not exactly an end of the year post but could be one, the only reason i m writing this because i read some good posts today, esp at thefuckedup.blogspot.com a fellow comrade who has written after a long while. He wrote some shit in the north so i decided to just balance it by writing some shit from the south of this country.

i know i dont have to give reason to write but its kind of my default thinking process i start by giving reason and i end by giving reason. i guess i can be called a reasonable man.

Cousin leaves tomorrow for kuwait, i will be losing a good company.. stuffs have been fun but just for change i m happy that he is going, atleast that way there would be some change around, weird thoght i hope i dont kill my wife for a change, things need to change, i m having fun with drinking and stuff but there is something missing and i just cant put a finger on what it is.. there is terrible hopelessness.. with cousin going and the year ending i hope a phase ends and something new happens, some new direction.

People write too less these days, and the bloggers have gone, i was feeling lonely, and twitter that shit is eating away my words and thoughts, because i have this problem once i write a shit down it kind of goes away from my mind permanently, once i write down i forget about it, and twitter is not really a good place nor the format of little sentences  good to go through in future for reference. I just want to record thoughts and twitter aint good for that, its just good for consumption of thoughts, the amount of thoughts you can consume on twitter is much higher than reading blogs..

anyway will end the post by saying will be more regular more irrelevant here, once there was a time when i tried to post things that would be really interseting to read, offering an opportunity for people to discover a new thought or idea but i aint doing that shit anymore, i will just keep it boring and unreadable.



Written by maya

December 24, 2011 at 12:18 pm

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