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The new year post is not essentially about new year but more about last year. So 31st i spent watching tv, yeh no party or stuff though i would have liked to have one. My problem is i cant call people, in all my life i havent called anyone or asked anyone anything, its one of my major problem, i always expect people to call me, it has been always like that. As it happened nobody called me, which i was sure would happen, i surfed for the last year post and i realized last year also i didnt do anything, i was just sitting at home for new year.

Since i came here i have only found one person with whom i can connect properly and that is UNI, cousin2 was there but he now left to kuwait, and unlike r1 who mostly called me everytime and we drank together, thats not the case with UNI, thou he is a good guy but very unreliable and as unhelpful as me. But basically he is fun.

So my threesome uncle was here, aunty’s father had died so they came here for a few days for all that puja and stuff that happens after 40 days or something. The first day that uncle came we didnt do anything since the architecture of the room is such that it could be risky if parents wake up at night for bathroom or something. They generally check on me to see if i m asleep or not, so that could be risky. Still on the second day we managed to do a quickie, i was sitting and watching tv in the hall, aunty came and whispered in my year to come to their room. Both childrens, aunty and uncle were sleeping together. Aunty was at the edge of the bed, so i sat on the floor at the edge of the bed. Aunty was already fully naked covered in chaddar. So we kissed, the door had been kept slightly ajar so that we could see if someone is coming, so we kissed, then some boob press, ass press and some boobs sucking. After that did some licking, as always i lost my erection after licking finally proving it as a fact.

The space where i was seated was very narrow so when aunty came down to ride on me there was issues with movement so i went up on the bed, i had just open my fly and taken out my dick, it was still not fully erect after losing the erection after lick job. Then i inserted the semi erect dick and which slowly gained strength, after a few strokes i emptied and left.

all this while uncle was forcing me to go back with them but luckily that day itself aunty’s period started which was getting delayed for sometime, uncle the next day remarked that ‘your big dick cleared all the kachra and the flow is back’

So next day aunty gave a blow job in the drawing room, after sucking for a while she left, i didnt even have orgasm, so i masturbated in bathroom.

So the new year was not as bad as i would say, blow job though half is not a bad way to end the year. If i were drunk i would not have let her go without an orgasm.

Anyway there is nothing to complain, things that you get for free without any effort or investment or responsibility are like that only.

I have started exercising since 1st jan, its my new year resolution. After getting beaten by public and enjoying the experience now i m thinking to beat someone, so i m building some muscles for that, i want to feel how it feels like to beat the shit out of someone.

Starting a new project today, have become bolder in taking risks, investing amount that i would not have invested normally, i would have rather bought a new mobile or tablet or something. But this time instead of buying i m starting new project which is a change, new projects will keep me engaged, i will learn new things.. and its basically fun. its a gamble and i like gambling.

have a lucky new year. May you get what you never thought you could have.


Written by maya

January 3, 2012 at 12:05 pm

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