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Valentine’s day, infidelity, morality and a chat with sister

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The last interpretation that i derived on morality is that ‘we are all moral as long as it doesnt concern us’ if you see someone cheating on his wife you will give a long lecture on morality and when it happens with you, you will be ready with your justification.. such shit happened today, and this post is a record of that.

so i was just checking out the whatsapp and was thinking how is it different from any other messenger. Thats when sister pinged me asking what you are doing, i understood she wanted to tell something so i inquired and she tells me that she skipped office today, i asked the reason. she said she brokeup with a colleague with whom she was having an affair. It was news to me, she just had an engagement few months back it has been hardly six month.( u might find a post about the engagement somewhere in this blog.)

She told me bcas she wanted to feel better by taking the burden off her heart and she was sure that anything said to me never goes out, i m the last wall of secret, everyone shares their secret with me because i dont give bhashans or advice and neither do i judge people on what they say. I m a diary for other people who just listens and never speaks back.

But the fact remains, when i heard it i did feel bad about the guy who is engaged with her, he is a nice mild guy. I like him and here he is being cheated. And since i dont know if he has been cheating on my sister i wont make a one sided comment. thats the problem with long distance relationship. Or in a more general terms thats the problem with humans, we cant control ourselves, we may talk about morality, integrety and honesty but when the time comes we will all work around it and get what we want.

The last time sister was shouting at him because he was trying to flirt with girls on fb, the beechara guy listened to lot of dhamkis and gaalis. And today when i told her ‘what she has to tell about that incident’ , you wont belive what she tells me. She says he was wrong because he was flirting, its different with me because i m in love. I personally think being in love  is a greater mistake than just flirting.

I dont know but i feel wrong about it, and i m just trying to figure out if i shud really feel wrong or not. R1 had this affair with her padosi, they took a room in hotel and fucked for 3 days till a day before her marriage. I felt wrong that time too, she is now in america she has a kid and all but everytime she comes back here she fucks with him. They had a much complex relationship, he used to call her mostly when we sat drinking and he used to keep his speaker phone on so i can listen for timepass. It actually was weirdly serious shit.  Humans cant be believed and i think those shakki people are just smarter or they know people too well. Every one should be doubted.

I simply dont trust anyone, may be because i m a skeptic or may be untrustworthiness of people is too obvious to me. On the business side also i need someone as a partner because i lack a lot of skills, but i m just unable to do that, i cant trust. As far as i know its a good thing.

The problem with cheating is that its not about how somebody did wrong to you, its about how somebody made you a chutia. It certainly is not a good feeling when you know you have been double crossed.

I still am unable to figure out why i should feel wrong. I must be the most liberal guy i ever met, yet i feel there is something wrong in this whole issue. Unless it happens with me i feel keep finding it wrong, and the moment i m in her shoes i will have all justifications in the world to provide its right and not as wrong as everyone says. This is the beauty of the whole morality issue, the moment it happens with you the whole fucking perspective changes.

A dialogue from maine pyaar kiya ‘ ek javan ladka ladki, kabhi sirf dost nahi ho sakte’ i really believe in this shit.


Written by maya

February 14, 2012 at 8:42 pm

2 Responses

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  1. hmm…nice observations…we make morality as we go along suiting our needs.


    March 16, 2012 at 12:51 pm

  2. I am not sure why but I relate to this post. I guess it’s the situations- the same situations that make one distinguish the rights from the wrongs. I find if amazing and at the same time disturbing to know how the people you are closely associated with get you on this roller-coaster ride driven by guilt and the feeling of wrong-doing.

    Being a strong believer of karma and having certain ethical ways of living and and handling relationships, I feel that harming the other person- physically, emotionally, morally, socially cannot be justified with explanations.

    Rather not question the whole idea of morality – it changes the very moment you see that something does not suit you enough. Hypocrisy, in a different light.


    May 9, 2012 at 5:34 pm

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