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I generally dont like to write about things that have passed sometime back, i like to write when the thoughts and events are ripe. But twitter has kept me off blogging and i was busy and lazy to spend time writing.
When do you write, i think we feel to write when something has just happened and it has left a gap, yeh such thing happened.
We shifted to kochi since a week or two, as sis is working here so we thought we should join her and its enuf of her staying alone, most part of her life she spent staying alone. As always i was excited about this change, i dont really care if a change is good or bad i just need a change, thats it.
From the last post you must know there was a locha in sister’s marriage.. it actually was a big big fucking locha that got solved in time.
As it happens, you are aware of the affair thing of sister’s with a colleague of hers. First she told me and then she started making bahana at home that she doesnt want to marry and all but not disclosing that she is in an affair. The guy she was having an affair with was a typical mallu psycho, he was dominating her big time and was psychologically forcing her. He was giving dhamki of suicide and stuff.. after that she told the guy with whom she was engaged, that she was having an affair and is in love with him and she could not marry him.
This guy takes the next train to kochi, and he tell my parents about this. So we too reach kochi the next day after he reaches there. And this new christian guy has marketed his religion to her, and we came to know that she was doing some christian fast, and would go to church and stuff. She had become almost and psycho.
The engaged guy and i tried to make her understand the stuff but she wouldnt understand, ofcourse my parents acted as if they didnt knew about the affair, as she had categorically told me and him not to tell our parents.
The actual problem was due to the nature of long distance relationship she begin to forget the guy who was engaged with her, then this new guy came and started filling the time gap, because there is no place for vaccum. So she gets invovled with him, and now since she had begun to get invovled she began to feel guilty about cheating the other guy, so her mind in order to justify her action makes her belief that she is in love and everything is fair in love and war (that bullshit that gets repeated and promoted in tv all the time). So she tells her fiance that she could not marry him but at the same time one a comparative basis she still likes her fiance and hates this new guy.
She finally gets out of her guilt by telling the new guy that before her marriage anyday if he calls she would walk away from her marriage with him, knowing perfectly well that he wont dare to do such a thing, as he was too much conscious of his image and shit in the society.
So a few days away from marriage she becomes totally guilt free, as for the guy he is a nice guy, he makes no issue about it. Also sister tell him if you still want to marry me make sure that you never bring this thing ever in life.. and he agrees. This guy is a bit stupid but is a nice one, stupid people generally are nicer.
So marriage was good it happened in kerala, they around 16 people had came, they liked the place and stuff. There were some glitches but overall it was not bad.
Then we went to pune were they were holding a reception, UNI also was going to pune so it was fun in the train, bought daru from madgaon and were drinking in train, also it was fun drinking with the people in pune. overall the trip was good.

After coming back from pune we moved to kochi, found a good place on rent on the edge of a lake. I like it here. Last monday mama’s son SU came, so it was a time he just went now half an hour earlier, and as you know we all feel a bit empty when someone goes back after living a few days, so thats when we feel to write. so this is it.

Talking about future, my business and stuff is almost thap, the last google update killed the ranking of some of my major sites on which i was dependent on survival. So there is a drastic drop in income making it totally unviable.
So i have finally decided something new needs to be done thats why from monday onwards i m joining this training institute to learn php and mysql. I totally doubt the extensiveness of this course and also my ability to learn coding, these kinds of stuffs are not really compatible with my brain.
To be frank i m doing this just for a change, may be meet new people or to make some friends in this new place. Good thing is that there is a bar just under the institute so it will act as an incentive. Also there is a bar nearby, might visit today or may not.

Thats all, i m sure there are lot of typos and grammatical errors, i dont have the energy and inclination to review so dont mind, even if u mind i dont give a shit.

over and out.


Written by maya

May 25, 2012 at 6:21 pm

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