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It has been like 1 or two months since i m here, not sure when exactly i came since i dont blog that regularly and my sense of time is shit, well i can certainly find out the date through twitter but then finding something from each individual tweet is like a pain in the ass, thats why i have always recommended blogger if you are going to record your life.

A lot of covering needs to be done since the last post, today also i am feeling a gap which is forcing me to write. Cousin K, his daughter, wife and mother were here, we invited them to visit us as our days are only numbered here. Sister’s transfer has been processed and she would be relived from here in a week or two. So we invited them so that they could come and visit this place.

Sister had office so them and us – me parents and their family visited a few typical places like marine drive, and went to fort kochi. Did boat riding and other typical tourist stuffs. It was good, the kid was to the sea for the first time, she had a good time nice cute kid. We have been typically leaving a very empty life here, with no outside contact just sitting at home and stuff and its nice to have guests.

Cousin and i have been drinking daily since last 3 days, 2 days in bar and yesterday at home. we cooked chicken yesterday but it got all burned so wasnt very good. Also cooked duck 2 days back, it was nice but at the same time very costly compared to chicken. So thats 4k gone in daru and flesh eating, at a time when i m at my all time low financially.

Couple of weeks back Sister’s husband G and his family were here for some 4 days, at that time parents went to village. Had good time, spent most of the time watching movies, cooking and other typically ‘good boy’ stuffs.

Yes i did join the class for learning some coding, but like things in my life it left it in between, i found it hard to sit for 2 hours in a classroom environemnt also the instructor was a dumbass, i have always found bad teachers in life, thats why i consider teachers to be stupid. So thats no bad, i have managed to keep my reputation alive of not having complete a single thing and not having any kind of certification apart from hsc and ssc.

Today father and cousin’s family went back to village, father has some work there so he has to visit village every month. I am sitting here in that vaccuming mood that engulfs you when people leave u, that feeling of emptiness and i have always found such a feeling to be an ideal time for writing. Thus this post.

And to my shock i found out that people could find other bloggers using their email id on wordpress or by connecting through fb and twitter, that fucking shocking. I m sure most bloggers are anonymous and wont like to be found this way, its really a shitty feature. I should change my email id so people wont be able to find me, but as you know i m so lazy i cant manage to do that now, will do that some other time, its fine if peoople find my personal diary but i wont take an efffort to hide at this time… no energy at this moment.

We will also be going to pune along with sister for a few days, so thats more travelling, man travelling is so fucking boring.. lekin what to do, karna padega. Cousin K is also scheduled to go to kuwait in coming weeks which means i will be alone in the village. UNI has gone to pune, and i dont essentially like anyone else or they dont like me.. so financially i m fucked up and socially too. I will be as lonely as it gets, but its all good, i will just let life flow, let it take me where ever it wants..

over and out

fuck the lord.


Written by maya

July 5, 2012 at 12:12 pm

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